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Summer Makeup Tips: Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is the only season that gives hot weather that is perfect for all outdoor activities and even if it is scorching hot, a glamorous makeup look can still be achieved. Due to high temperatures, a lot of people might experience having burnt skin, so it is important to take good care of the skin, especially in hot and humid weather. During this season, experiencing a lot of sweats and having an oily face is pretty common and can be irritable because it will most definitely ruin the makeup. Every makeup product that has been applied to the skin will feel greasy and uncomfortable, but there are ways to avoid messing up the makeup look. 

Finding the perfect makeup products for the skin will play a significant role in accomplishing a sweat-proof look. Every product should be applicable to the user's skin type and the weather, since it has an impact on skin. Choosing the right product this summer is significant because of the need to avoid having cakey and sweaty makeup that will only result in discomfort. In order to prevent an oily face throughout the day, here are the tips that will be helpful in achieving a sweat-proof makeup look in this hot and sweaty season. 

Listed below are the summer makeup tips to achieve a Sweat-Proof Look:

  1. Start with the right moisturizer
  2. Layer on sun protection
  3. Invest in a powerhouse makeup primer
  4. Wear less makeup
  5. Glow up with some bronzer
  6. Skip the shimmer
  7. Go for sheer shades
  8. Give your shadow staying power
  9. Ditch the powder blush
  10. Play with fun, vibrant colours
  11. Replace shininess with dewiness
  12. Swap heavy lipsticks for lip stains
  13. Try waterproof versions of your favourite products
  14. Stow mini cosmetics in your purse
  15. Always finish with a setting spray

1. Start with the right moisturizer

Step 1 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

A moisturizer is a great help when it comes to protecting the skin, because it will keep the face and neck, which will be exposed to the sun, hydrated and also be protected from the heatwaves of summer. Because of this, the face will be prone to drying out, which leads to acne outbreaks as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Using a moisturizer will not only rehydrate the skin, but it will also lessen the chance of having a skin problem and having a younger looking skin. Hence, it is important to apply the right moisturizer to protect the skin from being damaged and unblemished by the extremely hot weather. In finding the right moisturizer, the product should provide the needs of nourishment of the skin to keep it healthy, especially in times of hot weather, and can also be absorbed by the skin immediately. 

2. Layer on sun protection

Step 2 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Wearing sun protection or a sunscreen is a must when it comes to preserving the healthiness of the skin, it will reduce the chances of having a skin issue such as skin cancer caused by UV rays from the sun.  Sun protection is a lotion or a cream that is applied to the skin to shield the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Sunscreen can also be used as makeup for better application of beauty products. It will protect the skin from the UV rays that are damaging with the skin if overexposed. To achieve healthier skin, it is important to apply sun protection every day since it gives the nutrition that the skin needs to achieve a smoother and glowing skin. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended because it offers a higher protection from the UV rays to the skin.

3. Invest in a powerhouse makeup primer

Step 3 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Purchasing a makeup primer is a necessity. Primer is primarily used for preparing the skin to receive makeup products, and this product is all around, which means it serves an amazing job to smoothen the area of the face that will receive a product. That's why it is essential to invest in a powerhouse makeup primer, but it is also essential to choose a good product that is suited for a specific skin type, so that will not irritate the skin. Primer can be used as foundation base and tinted moisturizer in a way that the makeup products will stay longer into the face. This product also blurs out blemishes and pores in the face and greatly improves the coverage of the makeup. Summer makeup with primers will last longer because primers hold the makeup products longer since it gives fresh looking summer makeup results.

4. Wear less makeup

Step 4 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Wearing less makeup won’t be a hassle because of the weather. Looking good can still be achieved even if wearing less makeup products, and it is not advisable to wear plenty of makeup products during this type of season because of the high temperature. This will prevent having greasy, cakey, and unflattering makeup looks that will ruin the day. Using a moisturizer to hydrate the skin and concealer to correct the dark spots in the face is enough to look good during summer.

5. Glow up with some bronzer

Step 5 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

A bronzer is one of the beauty products that is necessary for the summer makeup looks. This is used to provide the skin with colour and warmth into the face. This will give a big effect to the summer makeup look, since if it is properly applied to the high features of the face. If applied to the forehead, temples of the cheek, chin, collarbone, and the tip of the nose, it will give a sun-kissed makeup look. Experts advise getting a bronzer that is one shade darker than the natural skin tone.

6. Skip the shimmer

Step 6 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Shimmers refer to highlighters and eyeshadows that have glitters on them; it is usually used in the eyelids and the corners of the eye. Since humidity is a factor in this makeup look, it should be avoided because these products will only give a shiny appearance that will make it look sweaty and oily. It is also not good to look very sparkly under the sun because it will be too much to wear, and the shimmers might get in the eye, which usually happens because of sweats.

7. Go for sheer shades

Step 7 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Sheer shades of cosmetics have the least pigmented products. Using these types of shades during the summer will definitely brighten up the makeup look because these products are often lightweight; that means it are not uncomfortable to wear and can last longer. It is also safe to use anytime because the colours are subtle, and it is almost impossible to overdo. Makeup products such as powder shadow can be used as long as it's almost transparent and not pigmented to avoid having an oily face. Individuals that are using sheer shades of cosmetics tend to achieve a sweat-proof makeup look, since the product will not reflect as much as shiny ones into the sun. So, a sheer shade of makeup product is a must in achieving a sweat-proof makeup look.

8. Give your shadow staying power

Step 8 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Wearing a makeup product that stays longer would be nice to avoid re-applying. In order to make the makeup product last longer, cream products to the eyelids and the corner of the eye should not be used. There would be a possibility that the makeup will look unappealing because of sweat in the face. To give the shadow a staying power, an eyeshadow primer can be used. Eyeshadow primer comes in two forms, a liquid or a cream-based product, and since it is transparent, it works to all types of skin colours. Apply the eyeshadow primer into the eyelids before applying the eyeshadow to give a long-lasting and smoother eyeshadow with less creasing.

9. Ditch the powder blush

Step 9 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Powder blush is essential to make the face look brighter and fresh, but using a powder blush during summer is probably not a good idea. It will only lead to having a cakey face throughout the day because the product will melt through the heat. During this summer season, gel tints or blush stains can be used as alternatives to powder blush because it will automatically blend with the skin and will look more natural under the sun. Gel tint can also be mattified with the use of setting powder on top of the product. 

10. Play with fun, vibrant colours

Step 10 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Summer is a great time to explore and discover different kinds of makeup colours. This season represents bright and lively colours, and it can be applied to a makeup look. Don’t be comfortable with old colours, but also take the time to come up with fun colour combinations that will be perfect for the season. These vibrant colours will add glow to the face as well as the makeup palette. Look for coloured eyeliners, neon eyeshadow, pastel shadow, and many more that can be created with different kinds of colours.

11. Replace shininess with dewiness

Step 11 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Shininess won’t be avoided, especially in summer, but it can be solved using blotting papers. Shininess will lead to oiliness, so it's better to resolve it quickly to avoid discomfort. Blotting papers are not expensive and proven to do its job. When experiencing a shininess in the face, get a piece of blotting paper and press it into the area, and it will do its magic. Using a blotting paper won’t affect the makeup, but after using it, a pressed powder can be used to add a dewiness to the face.

12. Swap heavy lipsticks for lip stains

Step 12 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Heavy lipstick is not suitable for this season; it will mostly dehydrate the lips that will lead to dry and lip cracks. Lip products that are advisable to use during summer are lip stains, lip balm and lip gloss. These products provide the needs of lips which are to be hydrated and moisturized during the time of summer. Some products are also non-transferable, so it won’t be a problem when the lips come in contact with a napkin or a skin.  

13. Try waterproof versions of favourite products

Step 13 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Summer means plenty of swimming in a pool or sea; that means switching or trying waterproof makeup products is necessary to look good while swimming. These waterproof products make life easier since, it won’t be a concern wearing a mascara or an eyeliner at the beach because these products are waterproof and can work under the water. 

14. Stow mini cosmetics in your purse

Step 14 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Having a makeup purse with everything that is essential for retouching can be a lifesaver; with these re-touching the makeup will be easy and hassle-free. Makeup purse is also great in separating the face products since it only contains the things that are for retouching. Makeup can easily be fixed when taking a picture with friends or after eating out and need to retouch the lipstick. Blotting papers can also be put inside the purse, which is a necessity in removing oiliness of the face. 

15. Always finish with a setting spray

Step 15 - Summer Makeup Tips for Sweat-Proof Look

Setting spray is a cosmetic product that is used after makeup routines. It helps  makeup products stay in place and last longer. This material used in this product is mainly to lengthen the makeup products in the face to avoid retouching the products. There are plenty of different finishes; a setting spray gives, an example of this is a lightweight setting spray provides a luminous complexion that refreshes the skin, even applying makeup products. This protects the products from smudging and creasing.

What are the best makeup looks for summer?

There are many things to choose from for the best summer makeup looks this season. Summer is the best for creating a new look and exploring what's trending. Summer is all about having the best glow while soaking under the sun but of course, protecting the skin from UV rays. Also, having a different makeup look throughout the summer is ideal for different occasions.

Listed below are the top 5 best makeup look for summer: These summer makeup looks  are the most must try during this time of season. It is a fun and vibrant colour which will definitely bring colours and brightness as well as staying fresh during the summer. 

  • Sunburned Blush: This makeup look is trending every summer because there are a lot of people who are enjoying the beach or any outside activities that can cause a sunburn. But even if a person has a sunburn or not, they can still make their summer makeup look cute. To achieve a sunburned summer makeup look, the blush should be placed in areas that are easily hit by the sun. A tone of warm rosy  blush is advised to use since it is a close colour of a flushed skin.
  • Pool Blue: This type of makeup look is the easiest and can be done by anyone. The only summer makeup product that is required for this to be achieved is a blue or aqua colour and put it in the eyelids with eyeliner to finish it off. Don’t forget to put an eyeshadow primer first before the blue eyeshadow.
  • Summer Smoke: The summer smoke makeup is best when partying, since summer is also all about partying. A classic smokey eye is definitely perfect and will only need to use darker colours around the eye, matched with pinkish lipstick to complete the look.
  • Bright Liner: Since summer is about exploring colours and having fun, a bright liner look can never go wrong. Eyeliners are not limited to black colour but can be switched to bright colours like pink, white, blue, and green or anything that can be used as eyeliner. Using bright colours will brighten the face and highlight the colour of the eye. 
  • Pink Flush: This type of look can be achieved by anyone that would like to have a rosy makeup look; choosing the right product is the key in accomplishing this look. The right colour of the blush and eyeshadow will make a big difference in the face because it will certainly bring a colour and glow into the face. Pink is also a good colour that will provide a natural and fresh-looking skin during summer.
  • What are the best foundations for summer

    There are many foundations for summer available around the cosmetic market today. One of the best foundations for summer that is a mainstream to many enthusiasts is the  L'Oréal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation It has a water-based texture and can control the oil in the face. Also, it contains an SPF that protects the skin from being damaged by the heat of the sun. This foundation is essential to avoid smudging the makeup and having a matte finish that will not feel heavy to the skin. And because this season is hot, lightweight and breathable, foundation should be used to prevent cakey, greasy and oily makeup. Although it is not necessary to wear foundation during summer, there are products that can be used to achieve full cover makeup even if it's hot.

    Listed below are the top 5 best foundations for summer: 

  • L’Oreal Paris True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum Foundation: This product would be the perfect foundation for a person that hates wearing foundation at the time of summer. It has water like texture and only needs a few drops to cover the whole face, which is great because it won't go wasted on the blender or a brush. It is also breathable, which is also important in a summer makeup foundation, and it  won’t harm the skin when exposed to the sun. This also works great together with sunscreen, which is a necessity in summer to protect the skin from UV rays. The average price of this product is at £12.30 GBP.
  • Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation: This type of makeup foundation is perfect for those individuals that are sticking to traditional foundations. It does not contain tinted serum or BB cream, but is still a nice option during the season. This is best for making the skin look healthy and clear because of its glossy and rich products that give a fresh and radiant finish. It can be purchased at a price of £9.9 GBP.
  •  Colourescience Sunforgettable Tint du Soleil Foundation: Soleil foundation is not only a foundation, but it also consists of an SPF 30 that is perfect for the summer. Sunscreen can be skipped when using a foundation like this because it already has everything that the skin needs to be protected. It also has water-resistant ingredients, which is good for activities under the sun. Also, it is a lightweight product that still gives full coverage. The price range of this product starts at £41.33 GBP.
  • IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40 Foundation: Picking a good foundation product this season is necessary if the user would want to have a full face makeup. The CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40 is a great product to have during summer because it also has an SPF that is higher than 30. SPF 40 protects the skin from UV rays at 97.5% and sunscreen is redundant to use. It also contains ingredients that have a healthy impact on the skin which are hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and green tea extract, so it benefits the skin by hydrating and illuminating the skin as well as a younger looking skin. IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40 Foundation product costs at an average price of  £34.68 GBP.
  • Maybelline New York Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation:  Sweaty and oily face is natural this season. So it is important to possess a makeup product that gives an oil-free component that will not only block the pores of the face but also won’t lead to acne breakouts. Using this product will guarantee that the user will not experience having an oily face during the day since it has a special micro powder that is essential to control the shininess of the face. It also comes with a variety of shades that are perfect for the user’s skin tone. This item is much cheaper than the rest of the product as it only costs £5.26 GBP. 
  • What are the best primers for summer?

    The heat of summer can be damaging to skin, especially to an individual who loves to explore under the sun. Choosing and owning the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer as best makeup primer for summer is a game changer for all individuals that use makeup even at summer. It does not only smoothen the skin, but also hydrates the skin to avoid breakouts of acne. Primer is a great product to have since it holds the makeup products longer and provides a sleek and flawless makeup look. It is normally used as a base for foundation, but it can also work even without it, especially if the person decides not to use a foundation because of the hot weather.   

    Listed below are the top 5 best primers for summer:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer: The smashbox pore minimizing primer is a great product to use this summer, and it also works amazingly with sensitive and oily skins as it controls the oil and shininess of the skin. It consists of a good deal of ingredients that hydrate and is healthy for the skin. It also works great in hiding the pores and blemishes of the skin as it smoothens the skin and gives a dewiness and flawless finish. The average price of the smashbox photo finish pore minimizing primer starts at £22.49 GBP.    
  •  L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer:  This product from L'Oréal works wonders as well; it offers an instant of smoothing and mattifying the skin. It is lightweight which is good for the weather to avoid greasy feeling, and also an excellent makeup base as it reduces and controls the oiliness of the skin. The product also ensured holding the makeup products longer. The average price of this product starts at £17.99 GBP.   
  • Milani Prep + Set + Go Powder: Milani Prep + set + go powder is different from the basic primer containers. The product is a powder form that comes in a powder compact. It works in two kinds of settings; it can be used as a base for makeup products or as a finishing powder. This is also lightweight and softens the pores and blemishes of the face. It only cost £13.21 GBP.
  • Becca Evermatte Poreless Primer: The primary purpose of this product is to control the oiliness of the face. It works just like blotting paper, but is in a liquid form. It also minimizes the pores of the face that gives a matte and natural makeup finish. This product can last up to 12 hours of usage. It can be bought at a price of £23.14 GBP.
  • PYT Beauty Baby Got Base Face Primer: This product has a silicone-free ingredient that provides a smooth makeup base and longer time of the makeup products staying in the face. It also has a hydrating hyaluronic acid that is essential for summer to keep the face glowing and healthy. This product comes with a price of £14.87 GBP.
  • What are the best lip colour for summer?

    In this hot season, wearing lipstick or a lip gel tint is important to hydrate the lips. There are a lot of lipstick products and colours to choose from to find the best summer lip colours 2022 that will suit the natural shade of the lips. This is also the best time to explore different types of colours that are bright and fun. 

    Listed below are 5 best lip colour for summer:

  • HAUS LAB PhD Hybrid Lip Oil In Sheer Berry: Sheer berry is a beautiful lip colour that will suit best for individuals who have a yellow undertone, but can work for every skin tone. This product is also good for hydrating the lips. This lip colour can be coated with lip gloss, and it will have a lovely result. The cost of this product starts at £19.85 GBP.
  • Juvia’s Place Nubian Earth Lip Gloss in Oasis: Oasis colour is a shiny gloss that will compliment the natural colour of the lips. In this product, the user can use different types of lipstick shades that they want. And then use this on top of it to achieve a glossy finish, or use it as it is, either way, it is an exquisite colour that brightens the lips. The average price of this product starts at £11.58 GBP. 
  • Half Magic Beauty Mouth CLoud Soft Matte Lip Cream In House Wife Dreams: The colour of housewife dreams is like a coral red. It is a delicate colour that is also bold and stunning. Its average price is £14.89 GBP.   
  • bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Willpower: The colour of this product is buttery brown, which is also a bold, daring and edgy colour to complete the best summer makeup look. This product comes with a price of £16.54 GBP.
  • PATRICK TA Major Beauty Headlines Matte Suede Lipstick in She’s Not From Here: This lip product provides a red-orange pop colour that is perfect for fun colours during the summer. It works well on different skin tones and when used in summer it will give a sun-kissed vibes and glow. It can be purchased at a price of £26.46 GBP.
  • What are the best waterproof makeup?

    The heat of the summer is not friendly and will definitely ruin the makeup if not made with the right products, and it might cause skin breakouts. Waterproof makeup products are necessary to own, especially in the season of summer. There are tons of best waterproof makeup 2022 that will be useful to achieve looking beautiful without the worries of smudging the products. Here are some of the best waterproof makeup 2022.

    Listed below are 5 best waterproof makeup:

  • Tarte Lights, Camera Splashes Waterproof Mascara: This product gives full volume to the eyelash and is also waterproof. What’s amazing about this product is that it contains an ingredient which is cera carnauba to achieve a sweat-proof application. So, owning a waterproof mascara is a must since the user can safely swim into the ocean or a pool but will still manage to have a sleek and volumized eyelash. The cost of this product starts at £19.85 GBP.
  • Urban Decay All NIghter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: This setting spray is good at waterproofing the makeup products that are applied to the face. It also is a good product since it has a sweat and smudge proof, so it will guarantee that the beauty products will last longer throughout the day. The average price of this product starts at £12.40 GBP. 
  • L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation: It is important to wear a breathable and lightweight foundation during the summer. Breathable products will not dry the skin underneath the makeup and won’t cause unnecessary breakouts. It also assures the user that they won’t have a sweaty look using this product. Its average price is £5.79 GBP.   
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Eye Pencil is a great product to enhance the shape of the eye. Waterproof eyeliner will prevent it from running through the face when it gets hot. This product is also easy to use since it has a vitamin E, jojoba oil and cottonseed that provides the product with a sleek and gel-like finish. This product comes with a price of £18.19 GBP.
  • Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer: This product offers a lightweight formula and will not result in a non-cakey finish that everyone wants to avoid. It is also designed for summer use because it has a sweat-proof finish and gives a full coverage to hide the dark spots of the face. The price of this product costs at least £19.85 GBP.
  • Is summer makeup preferable in a powder or cream form?

    Yes, summer makeup is preferable in a powder or cream form. However, cream form of makeup will only lead to oiliness of the face and discomfort in wearing it. Although, there are skin types that can use cream products on their face during summer, since it also depends on the skin type of person. A person that has normal skin can use a creamy product since the product will not lead to greasiness and sweats. While, powder is a safer option for a skin type of oily and combination skin to discomfort in the face.