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The Brow Soap Trend: Brows Shape and Volume

What is Soap Brows

The Brow Soap is a cosmetic product that works by giving the brows the shape and volume. It is used to brush up the brow making it naturally full and fluffy. It works by coating the eyebrow with soap and then keeping the brows flat, settled, and glued in their place. Brow soaps are brow setting products that outline and fill the gaps within the brows. This product is designed to groom and keep the brows in place after a long day at work or attending an event. It has a stronger bond in the brows in comparison to other types of eyebrow products. It takes less time and effort to work with this brow product. This soap brow can be any type of soap to get the perfectly defined brows. It is designed to depict sleek feathery laminated eyebrows which give a natural effect to the face. The natural effect that it gives highlights the strands of each eyebrow. 

The advantage of soap brows is their simplicity in terms of their ingredients and formulation. In its usual form, it is clear and fragrance-free in a soapy texture. It is intended to be worn for a longer time and keeps the brow in shape and volumized. It works best with the thick and big brows making it defined and more volumized. While on the fine and thin brows, it works by making it big and fluffy, defining and filling the gaps in the brows. It is used to tame unruly, thick, and big strands of brows. The soap brow can be easily removed since it does not form thick build-up. The drawback is that soap brows lather when sweating which leaves visible residue. It will cause skin irritation if it will stay longer than usual in the brows.

What are Soap Brows?

What are Soap Brows?

Soap Brows are a cosmetic product for defining the eyebrows. The soap coats the eyebrows which in turn gives them a fuller appearance. It is usually uncoloured and unscented which is formulated with glycerin stored in a little case with a brow brush. The glycerin keeps the brows shiny and locks the brows in place. Most soap brows are dermatologically tested which is safe for the skin. The Soap Brows are for all types of brows, whether it be thin or thick. This product allows it to work with the type of eyebrows an individual has. It is effective in keeping the eyebrows fuller, is simple to apply, and has an affordable price. Applying soap brows acts as a natural and subtle touch to the brows. Using it can shape and define the brows to create a dramatic eyebrow effect. 

When did the soap brow trend start?

When did the soap brow trend start?

Soap brow started as an ancient technique for defining brows with the help of soap. This makeup technique is not new in the cosmetics industry since it already earned its popularity during the years of 1940s and 1950s. The realization of soap as the primer was the starting idea to open this line of techniques in the beauty industry. The soap acts as the main glue to the brow keeping its hold and definition throughout the day. It coats the brow with soap usually glycerin making a shiny and flat on the brow. As years go by, the thick and full strands of brows are the goals of an aesthetic and perfect eyebrow.

How long do soap brows last?

How long do soap brows last?

The Soap Brows usually last all day but if exposed to water or sweating, it can instantly melt down the product. Glycerin is the main acting product that helps to hold a strong bond in the brows. It keeps the product last all the in brow without peeling, breaking, or wearing off if there is no exposure to water or sweat. Once the soap brow is exposed to water or sweat, it will melt since it is the main ingredient of the product. Even using other kinds of soap, as soap is water-soluble, it can easily dissolve when exposed to water. To keep the day with full and sleek brows, one has to keep it dry and in place.

How to use soap brows?

How to use soap brows?

In using the soap brows, the goal is to achieve a fluffy, full, and feathery texture which gives volume and definition to the brows. This brow product shapes and fills the brows without leaving any tint. Using the soap brows will give lasting hold throughout the day. There is a proper way to work with the brows whether working on a thin, fine, unruly, or thick hair. 

  • Start the process by prepping the soap brow and brush. Keep it clean before applying it to the eyebrows.
  • Get some water or mist to spray a little amount just to activate and soften the soap.
  • Sway the brush in one direction and scrapes gently the soap brows to get enough product to coat the brows.
  • Build a consistency of the product in the brows that is enough to create a lasting hold.
  • Style and volumize the brows in accordance to preference keeping them sleek themed feathery, making each strand of the brows visible.

What are the benefits of Soap Brows?

There are several benefits of soap brows which are long-lasting, volumizing, and clear. The soap brows are long-lasting which gives a stronger hold in the brows for sleek and full big strands for hours. It gives volume and shape to the brows keeping it thick and feathery-like texture in the hair for achieving an all-day glam look. The product is clear and unscented which suits all the types of brow colours and types. It does not irritate or cause damage when the proper amount is applied. It is a simple product that can be easily made from home or manufactured for business ventures.

What are the best soap brow brands?

There are various brands of soap brows in the market which are best for giving life to the eyebrows. The top brands are Ownest 2PCS Eyebrow Soap Kit, Makeup Revolution, Eyebrow Soap Style, and NiceJoy Eyebrow Soap Kit. Ownest 2PCS Eyebrow Soap Kit earned 54% five stars for £8 GBP which used all organic ingredients. This product can be used before using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help eyebrow makeup last longer. It works wonders in the brows by adding thickness, texture, and volume. Makeup Revolution, Eyebrow Soap Styler earned 4.8 stars out of five with an average price of £5.40 GBP. It is an innovative product to set the brows making them full and fluffy. Makeup Revolution, Eyebrow Soap Styler is cruelty-free, approved by PETA and formulated with vegan ingredients. NiceJoy Eyebrow Soap Kit gathered 74% five stars which costs £4.85 GBP. It can maintain perfectly full and thick brows for the day. It creates natural plumpness and density on the eyebrows, keeping them glued to the brows.

What soap do you use for soap brows?

The soap that can be used for the brows is those with glycerin. This type of soap is for soap brows since it gives shine to the brows and locks the brows in their place for hours. In the absence of glycerine, use any soap that works on a specific skin type. It should be noted that if using any other type of soap, it should not have a colour or tint. The soap that is used for the brows performs well than the other brow products since it works like a pomade, sticking the hair in place for an all-day glam look. The clear and unscented feature of the soap is a plus for all types of brows and skin types.

What is the difference between Soap Brow and Brow Gel?

The Soap Brow is a product used to achieve thick, full, fluffy eyebrows. On the other hand, the Brow Gel is designed as a mascara for the brows, keeping the unruly brows in place. These products are for the eyebrows intended to attain a perfect long-lasting hold on the brows, keeping them in shape for hours. The application and result may be the same between these two, but their purpose will distinguish them from the other. The soap brow lasts longer than brow gel in terms of its hold on the eyebrows. It keeps a lasting flat and glued on effect as a product to the brows. In terms of volume, the soap brows perform better than the brow gel since the brow gel only acts on the hairs, not touching the skin. The soap brows define the strands of the brows, making them look full and feathery throughout the day. While the brow gel only keeps one direction of the strands of the brows holding place for hours.

Are soap brows waterproof?

No, the soap brows are not waterproof since it reacts with sweat leaving a visible residue. Almost all the brow soaps are water-based, so they will not last if excessive sweat or water is applied. The ingredients within the soap brows are water-soluble, making them dissolve in water easily. Careful usage of the soap brows is needed because it might melt and may reach the eyes. The soap brows are intended for a lasting hold on the brows, but sweat should be considered as its limitation. To achieve a full and volumized brow for hours,  activities should be limited to avoid much sweating. 

Are soap brows cruelty-free?

Yes, the soap brows are cruelty-free since they don’t use animals for product testing. It is a vegan product that is formulated with natural ingredients. Ingredients such as glycerin as the main product for brow soap. This ingredient acts as a glue which locks the hair to its place for hours. It has an uncoloured and unscented feature that gives power to its simplicity as a product. It is a sustainable product to define and achieve fuller eyebrows with the effects of a laminated brow. You can use any type of soap as long as it has no colour or will leave a tint on the brows.