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How to Make Eyes Look Bigger: Pro Tips

How to Make Eye Look Bigger

There are no secrets to having bigger, brighter eyes to make a sophisticated look. Suppose one has innately dark circles or dull eyes, no eye cream or cooling gel can entirely change the appearance of the eyes. There’s a new makeup technique that may probably help have wider eyes. A method that can easily make the eyes bigger and brighter. It’s simple and can be done with products that one may have in their makeup collection, like eyeliners, eyeshadow, mascara, and liquid liner. The appearance of a broader set of eyes looks stunning and can add up youthfulness to the appearance of the overall beauty of the face. This is the reason so many people want to have a bigger-looking eye.

Having eyes appear bigger can make it look more attractive and alluring and usually gets attention. Unluckily, not everyone gets the chance to have big eyes. Somehow there’s a possibility of achieving it with a few makeup techniques. It can achieve the bigger eyes look by creating an illusion using one’s holy grail eye makeup and tools that can be used to create bigger eyes. Emphasising the eyes can make them seem naturally brighter and more prominent and create an illusion using eye makeup products. It can change and brighten up the person's aura. Here are some Pro tips on how to make eyes look bigger.

Listed below are How To Make Eyes Look Bigger Pro Tips:

  1. Use A brown Or Coloured Eyeliner
  2. Highlight with Eyeshadow
  3. Contour
  4. Don’t Overline
  5. Know The Three Fourths Rule
  6. Keep it Neutral
  7. Extend Liner
  8. Swipe On Lengthening Mascara
  9. Don’t Use Dark Shades On Waterline
  10. Use White to Make Eyes Look Bigger

1. Use A Brown Or Coloured Eyeliner

Step 1 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

In cosmetic eyeliner products, black is one of the more recognised shades. The most common colour is used for the upper and lower lash lines. This is to make the eyes look broader and more affluent. There is a new makeup style to create eyes to make them seem naturally more significant without using black eyeliner. Choose an eyeliner colour that matches one's eye colour. The eyes can naturally look bright and large, as it can transform the eye's natural shape. Use the chosen coloured eyeliner to be applied on the top and bottom of the eyelash lines. It can make a big difference in the appearance of the eyes. It's more natural to wear on any occasion.

2. Highlight With Eyeshadow

Step 2 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Eyeshadow highlighting is likely to face highlighting. That is part of a makeup routine that can reveal specific facial features. Highlighting eyeshadow naturally makes one’s eyes look bigger and brighter. Use white, cream, or more on off-white coloured eyeshadows. Applying it to the inner corner of the eye under the arc of the eyebrows or on the brow bone makes the eyes look sculpted and lifted. Blend evenly with an eyeshadow brush, and blend it out until the eyeshadow appears natural and precise. This makes the section of the eye naturally more prominent and more lively. This technique can create a younger and fresh appearance.

3. Contour

Step 3 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Contouring can help emphasise the eyes and make them stand out to look like natural wide-open eyes. One can apply contour on the eyelids with brown or neutral shades. It's likely to depend on how intense the illusion one wants to achieve. Use any kinds of brown shades depending on the skin complexions. Applying a soft brown to the eyelids' crease can give the eyes more shape. Start shading the outer corner of the eyes, blend it, then apply darker brown colour shade inwards and outwards to create a  brown smokey eye blend it with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Blend until the residue of eyeshadow diminishes. Take the same dark matte brown eyeshadow and apply it to the lower lash line from the outer corner to the centre of one’s eye. Blending evenly is the key to making contour eyeshadow perfectly enhance the eyes.

4. Don’t Overline

Step 4 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Surrounding the eye with bold eyeliner can make them look smaller. Creating a simple thin line over the top or bottom is much better than on both lashes. Choose one that can be suitable for the appearance. Using a precision-tipped liquid eyeliner, draw a line on the upper lashes, line it, and feel it if it still needs more accent on the lower lashes. Instead of applying more eyeliner to look more precise, it is much better to use a soft brown eyeshadow or any kind of neutral shade and blend it well using an eyeshadow brush. This makeup technique can make the appearance of the eyes more naturally bigger. 

5. Know The Three Fourths Rule

Step 5 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

If the main goal is to make eyes look bigger, try learning the three-fourths makeup eye technique. It can attract attention by widening the eyes to the outer corner of one’s eyes. Drawing lines on the inner and outer lashes can make the eyes look smaller. That is why learning the three-fourth rule is essential in making the eyes look bigger. Use any kind of liquid eyeliner with a precision tip. Apply evenly to the three-fourth of the outer eyelid, and avoid the inner corner eyelid. Lastly, use the liquid eyeliner again to apply it to the lower lash line. Do not apply it inside the rim of the eyes since it can make the eyes look more droopy-drown.

6. Keep It Neutral

Step 6 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

The neutral brown shade on the eyeshadow palettes can help make naturally enlarged eyes by creating the illusion of the eyes looking bigger. Neutral shades can be ideal for widening the eyes, as neutral shades can work for all skin complexions. Apply a layer of matte, neutral brown eyeshadow to the eyelids using the eyeshadow brush. Blend it out well until the colour seems natural, then a bit of soft nude brown hue over the eyelids, blend it out again, and one may see the visible result of using a neutral eyeshadow hue.

7. Extend Your Liner

Step 7 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Extends the eyeliner behind the outer corner of the eye. The makeup technique may help to imitate a wider stare. Creating this technique requires a lot of patience and practice to perfect. Extending the eyeliner is a makeup procedure that must be done correctly because if it's done wrong, it can make the eyes much smaller. Use a black eyeliner pencil instead of the liquid form because pencils are easier to erase than the liquid ones. Place a piece of tape where one’s wants the line to end, and avoid extending it for too long. Remove the tape and see the result of extending the liner. It creates an illusion that makes the eyed look wider. 

8. Swipe On Lengthening Mascara

Step 8 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

The eye makeup look is not complete without using mascara. The mascara can tend to add volume and lengthen the lashes. It gives the eye a broader look and emphasises the colour of the eyes. To start applying mascara, use any kind of lash primer as it makes the lashes prepare. It adds volume and aura to the lashes. When lashes fully absorb the lash primer, finish the look with the mascara of one’s choice. Use a mascara that has voluminous and lengthening effects and does not make the lashes clump. Start applying the mascara on the base of the lashes toward the tips until it's completely covered the whole lashes. Apply at least two to three coats to deliver drama and can make the lash stand out.

9. Don’t Use Dark Shades On Your Waterline

Step 9 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Applying black eyeliner on the bottom lash line makes the eyes seem smaller. That is why it is much better to skip the black liner and go for a light, neutral colour that can help attract wider eyes. The light shades are not typically the white colour shades. It's more of a cream or ivory hue. Use a pencil or eyeshadow with a light tint. Apply it to the bottom waterline and smudge it with a smudge brush applicator. It may look like larger natural eyes as it adds the illusion of the bottom waterline, making the eye's colour pop. One can see the difference between wearing a light hue and dark ones.

10. Use White To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Step 10 How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Getting rid of the dark eyeliner on the waterline requires using nude or white eyeliner. White eyeliner is one of the makeup tricks for making the appearance brighter and the eyes look bigger awake, especially when applying it on the lower waterline. The main reason for using a black or dark hue liner on the lower lash line is it can make eyes look drawn down. That is why it's best to use a white or nude liner since it has the opposite effect as black or dark eyeliner. Use a smudge-proof or waterproof pencil liner on the lower lash line and apply it all over until it gets an intensified impact on the eyes. The waterproof and smudge-proof liner formula guarantees that it will stick in the lower waterline of the eyes throughout the day.

What are the products to use in making eyes look bigger?

Having big brighter eyes can make the appearance seem healthy, youthful, and wide awake. The sad part is that not everyone has the natural genes for big eyes; that is why making the eyes look bigger might be illogical. Many new makeups accentuate some areas of the face without surgery. This is because makeup can help emphasise, diminish, and be an overall natural look. When it comes to the eyes, there are some easy tricks to make them more prominent with the help of certain makeup products. Here are some makeup products that can make eyes look bigger like pencil eyeliner, neutral hues of eyeshadow, liquid liners and mascara with the help of an eyeshadow brush tool. These products are the ones that can achieve eyes look naturally bigger. 

What are the common mistakes of making your eyes look smaller?

Achieving bigger eyes on makeup can be tricky. It can make the eyes look droopy-down, or it can’t match the whole appearance. If one's overestimates the makeup product on the eye, the outcome might make the eyes look smaller. Here are some guidelines on makeup mistakes that make the eyes look smaller.

  • Lining Waterline with dark shade: Using a dark liner on the lower lash line can make the appearance of the eyes much smaller and not appealing. Instead of black, use any light colour shade on the lower lash line. It can make the eye colour pop and brighten the appearance of the face.
  • Overlining Eyeliner: Doing eyeliner can be overwhelming if one’s ignores the shape of the eyes. Make the eyes more alluring and lively by doing the right amount of creating a wing long enough that is suitable for the eye shape.
  • Applying the Wrong Smokey Eye Colour Shade: Applying the wrong shades on the eyelids can make the eyes look smaller. Instead of dark colours, apply neutral brown or nude colour shade. Mix the soft brown and nude eyeshadow to create a smokey eye effect. It can make the eye look more prominent and bolder.
  • Skipping Mascara: Mascara is one of the essential tricks for making the eyes look bigger. Ignoring the mascara can lead to eyes looking tiny instead of doe-eyed. Coating the lashes with mascara can make a massive difference in the appearance of the eyes.

Does staying up late cause your eyes to become smaller?

No, having a smaller eye can result from the family's genes. Staying up late may result in tired and puffy eyes. Staying up late is why the skin under the eyes has dark circles on the under-eye section when one has deficit sleep. It makes the eyes look puffy, and it is not the main reason for one’s eye to appear smaller.

Does white eyeliner make eyes appear larger?

Yes, it can brighten the appearance of the eyes and may look more lively awake. Using white eyeliner on the lower lash can add up to making the eye colour pop, and it can emphasise the wideness of the eyes. White eyeliner can make the eyes naturally more prominent and brighter. This is the reason why one should really start using white eyeliner instead of black. It makes a massive difference in the appearance of the face.