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Henna Hair Dye - How To Do It At Home?

Henna hair dye - how to do it at home?

For a huge amount of women and men dyeing hair is an essential part of their lives. First of all, elderly people dye hair to cover the grey ones that start to appear in a given age. One person has to struggle with this problem already in his or her thirties and another one can wait until fifties or sixties. That all depends on the genes and a lifestyle you have. However, there are also some people who decide to change their hair regardless of grey hair. Nowadays there are so many colors of hair dyes available, so some women and men decide to use it to change their images. Change or highlight some characteristic features. That is completely normal, yet frequent dyeing of hair can weaken its condition. But don’t worry! There is a way to change your hair’s color as often as you want to without any harmful effects. Read the whole article and find out!

Henna hair dye – what is it?

Henna hair dye – this is the method we’ve been talking about. It’s a pure powder ground from the henna plant. It has a nice, natural smell. In comparison with traditional, chemical hair colours – there are a lot of similarities. Yet, there are plenty of differences too. Let’s start with the first group:

  1. Henna hair dye can be as long-lasting as traditional hair colour – the only important thing here is that hair dyeing with henna needs to be of a high quality. It also has to be put on your hair in a proper way. You should leave it there longer to achieve a desired effect.
  2. Henna hair dye is available in as many colours as traditional one. No matter if you want to have fair or dark hair – you can get it with henna hair dye. The only difference is that for naturally dark, black hair it can be difficult to gain blonde one. However, you can try, cause everything depends on your hair.
  3. The price of henna hair dye can vary – just as traditional hair colour. It depends on a brand and composition. 

And what are the differences?

  1. First and more important one is the fact that henna hair dye is safer for your hair! It is composed mainly of natural ingredients. It also has some oils and other beneficial components. That is why it doesn’t change the structure of your hair.
  2. In most cases it’s more difficult to apply traditional hair colour on hair. That is why henna hair dye is becoming more popular.
  3. Henna hair dye is more ecofriendly and doesn’t have a chemical smell that can be hard to endure.

How to do henna hair dye at home?

It doesn’t take a rocket science to be aware of the fact that chemical hair dye is toxic. That is why you should think of replacing it with henna hair dye. If you are a bit afraid of an unknown – let us help you. Below you’ll find a detailed instruction of dyeing hair with henna.

  1. Pick a perfect colour for you.
  2. Decide what amount of henna will be proper for your hair:
  • Long hair (hip length) 300-400 grams
  • Bra length – 200-250 grams
  • Shoulder length or shorter – 100 grams of henna powder
  1. Mix henna powder with warm water, stir and apply right away. You can put rubber gloves on and mix it in a non-metallic bowl. Remember to be careful not to dye anything else than your hair. Protect your clothes and carpets.
  2. If you want, you can also mixed it together with a part medium acidic to release the dye process even more. It is recommended to use a natural ones: apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.
  3. You can wash your hair after about 1-3 hours or leave it out overnight. Just remember to cover it with a bath cap.
  4. Start dyeing process from the front to back of your head. If there are a lot of grey hair visible, start from them and let henna to stay there longer.
  5. Then brush it and after a given time, wash it out. Your new hair are done! However remember not to use shampoo for the first 48 hours after applying henna hair dye. So wash it out only with warm water.

Is henna hair dye safe?

The answer can be only one – yes! Henna hair dye is the safest possible way to colour you hair. First of all it doesn’t dry your hair. Henna is safe both for your hair and scalp. You can see the difference afterwards. Your hair will be soft, moisturized and nourished as never before. It restores the acid-alkaline balance of your scalp. It also doesn’t affect the natural balance of hair and skin. After using henna hair dye, there is an invisible layer on it that protects it from any damages.