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How to Apply Mascara: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginner

How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is a type of makeup that is typically utilised to improve the appearance of the lashes. There are different kinds of mascara. These include volumizing, lengthening, defining, faster growth and waterproof mascaras. Mascara is typically found in 3 forms: liquid, powder or cream. The most popular kind of mascara is a liquid product. It comes in a tube and has a brush attached to it for application. It has the ability to add volume and length to the lashes. People with fewer eyelashes but have a desire to have thick and long lashes should use volume and length kind of mascara. Along with the benefits of mascara, there are some precautions to avoid damaging lashes. Avoid unnecessary formulas that will harm the lashes. Pick the mascara that suites the needs of the lashes. 

In today’s generation, makeup is a very well known essential product for women. Beginners are encouraged to explore different varieties of makeup. Before proceeding in buying mascara; first, decide on the lashes need for a mascara. Secondly, select a shade that complements the lashes. Usually, a black shade is the way to go. Lastly, for better result, invest in an eyelash curler. Eyelash curler helps lift the lashes and allows the eyes to look bigger and brighter. Take a look at the lashes and decide what enhancement should be needed. In applying mascara, there are steps to follow to ensure better results.

Listed below are the instructions to apply mascara.

  1. Begin with clean lashes
  2. Curl Your Lashes
  3. Apply the mascara on upper and lower lashes
  4. Apply the "Out-Up-In" Technique
  5. Use Spoolie Brush to prevent clump

1. Begin with clean lashes

Step 1 How to Apply Mascara

Clean lashes are essential before applying mascara to avoid clumping. Remove dirt, dust and oils that can build up from eye irritation. Wash the lashes with lukewarm water and cleanser. A great way to clean the lashes is to use gentle cleanser formulas. Gentle cleanser formulas will prevent the eyes from irritation and allergies. In addition, a makeup remover such as micellar cleansing water helps the lashes more clean after washing the face. Use cotton balls or pads, then whip lightly to the eyes. Scrubbing the eyes may damage the lashes and fallout. Another way to take care of the lashes is by applying a small amount of eye moisturizer. 

2. Curl Your Lashes

Step 2 How to Apply Mascara

Lashes are naturally straight, which makes it difficult to see its true length. Lash curlers help lashes lift to see its length. Before applying mascara, it is recommended to curl the lashes first. To avoid the risk of getting the lashes from sticking to the curler. Choose the right tool for curling the lashes. It is recommended to use the regular manual lash curler, mainly because it is safer and not complicated to use. To use a lash curler, gently lift the curler over the upper lash line while adding a little pressure. It is recommended to press the lash curler onto the lashes a few times before releasing. Add extra curl to make the curl last for hours.

3. Apply the mascara on upper and lower lashes

Step 3 How to Apply Mascara

To apply the mascara on the upper lashes; first, place the wand at the base of upper lashes. Secondly, move the wand back and forth, coating the base of the lashes. Make sure to coat every hair of the lashes. Slowly move the mascara wand to avoid clumping. Apply additional coats of mascara for more coverage. Until it reaches the desired thickness and coverage. When it comes to the bottom lashes, be extra careful not to use too much product. The bottom lashes are generally more delicate than the upper lashes. It gets clumpy easily. To avoid lashes from getting clumpy, use the tip wand and apply the mascara at the roots of the lashes. 

4. Apply the "Out-Up-In" Technique

Step 4 How to Apply Mascara

Out-Up-In technique helps the eyes to looks wider and appear much longer. The Out-Up-In technique creates more detailed and separated lashes. It ensures the lashes are spaced out, and it avoids the lashes from clamping. To do out-up-in method; first, start at the outer corner of the eye. Apply the mascara to the angle, pulling the lashes upward and outward. Secondly, move to the centre of the eye and pull the lashes up. Lastly, move to the lashes close to inner eyes; apply mascara in an upward and inward direction. To be more precise, use the tip of the mascara wand.

5. Use Spoolie Brush to prevent clump

Step 5 How to Apply Mascara

The spoolie brush, usually it has a soft bristle and a tapered head. It is used to apply mascara to prevent clumping. Spoolie is a common tool for spreading out mascara. On the other hand, makeup artists use a clean disposable spoolie when removing clumps after applying mascara. Instead of having to remove the entire eye makeup; after a second coat of mascara, use a spoolie through the lashes and effectively remove any excess mascara. An alternative tool is the old mascara wand from old mascara if a disposable spoolie is not available. Make sure to clean it properly before using the old mascara wand. 

What are the tips to choose the right mascara?

Mascara is one of the essentials to add drama to an eye makeup look. It brings out the eyes to look brighter and. There are different types of mascara when it comes to colour, brushes and effect on the lashes. Consider a mascara that is formulated to help the specific lash needs. Mascara can make quite a difference when it comes to how it applies, look, stay and even the feeling to the eyes. Pick a mascara that suits the skin tone, eye colour and the type of hair lashes. Here are the tips to help you find the best mascara for you. 

List below are the Tips to Help You Find the Best Mascara for You.

  • Colour: Choose a mascara that will match the skin tone and eye colour. Black mascara creates drama and adds glam to the eye makeup look. On the other hand, brown mascara works best for a natural look. In addition, Coloured mascara adds boldness and makes the eye look playful. However, blue mascara can really bring out brown eyes. 
  • Mascara wand: The mascara wand is a main tool for applying mascara. It is use in determining the look of lashes. Consider a mascara wand that complements the lashes needs. Choose a big mascara wand and thicker mascara liquid texture to give the lashes double volume for thin lashes. To look longer, choose a mascara with a long and thin brush. Look for packaging that says it is a lengthening mascara. Plastic and straight bristled brush gives the lashes full coverage. It helps in reaching out baby lashes and makes the lashes look sleek and separated. The curved, soft and classic mascara wand helps the lashes look thickened and curled. 
  • For small eyes: Mascara will help the small eyes in defining. It adds colour and boldness to the eyes. A curved and fat mascara brush will help to open up the eyes and create a lifting effect. 
  • For straight eyelashes: Choose a formula that is not too heavy. It will help the lashes to avoid weighing down. A curved brush along with an eyelash curler helps to lift the lashes. 
  • What are common mistakes of applying mascara?

    Mascara is an essential for women, but putting it on will take some time. It is the key for making the eyes stand out, but it requires a lot of practise in applying it properly to make it perfect. One of the common mistakes when applying mascara is brushing the mascara in an upwards motion for length, volume and lift. Avoid making mistakes in applying mascara; it could lead to damaging the lashes. Make sure to start the application process at the base and then comb upwards for the best result.

    List below are the common mistakes of applying mascara.

  • Excessive using of products: Applying too much product will not give you extra coverage. Too much product in the applicator can lead to clumps and smudges around the eye area. When it comes to using mascara, less is more. Especially when applying more than one coat. 
  • Not using a lash comb properly: Not separating lashes between combs, makes the lashes glued to each other. Use a lash comb through the lashes or a disposable spoolie to help separate the lashes. An old mascara wand from old mascara can also be used, just clean thoroughly. 
  • Not curling the lashes first: Typically, lashes are straight, which means it is hard to see the true length. Curling eyelashes, helps in preparing the eyes and to see eye shape better. It is recommended to curl the eyelashes first before the mascara, mainly because an eyelash with coated dry mascara are brittle and prone to breakage. Furthermore, it also helps the curler to stay clean.
  • What is the best mascara to apply?

    A good mascara will define and darken the eyelashes. It makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. The problem with mascara is that there is no one-size-fits-all formula. The best mascara combined with an excellent wand and formula. There is a lot of formula to cater depending on every preference. See the list below for the absolute best mascaras of all time.

    List below are the Top 3 Best Mascara to Apply.

  • Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara: The Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara features the uniquely-designed dome brush features staggered bristles that reach lashes from the root. It also has tips poised on the end, which help to define the corner and separates the product. The formula is a rich, long-wearing, true black pigment that keeps the lashes looking good all day. The average price of Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara is £22.00 GBP. 
  • DIOR Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume Mascara: The DIOR Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume Mascara is composed of natural ingredients to enrich a lashing care formula. The lash care formula visibly shapes lashes and makes the lashes stronger. It offers defining lashes and instant high definition volume. It is easily removed by simply rinsing with warm water. The average price of  DIOR Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume Mascara is £30.00 GBP.
  • Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara: The Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara has two sides of brushes. The flat side of the brush for a subtle, natural day-time look. On the other hand, the round side is for higher impact lashes. The average price of Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara is  £23.00 GBP.
  • What are the hacks in applying mascara?

    Technique is just as important as tools when it comes to mascara. Struggles in applying mascara are common. It can ruin the entire eye makeup because of making a mistake. Hacks in applying mascara is a game changer and helps make lives easier. There is a perfect mascara for every woman, to be able to use mascara perfectly; here are the mascara hacks that will change your life.  

    List below are the hacks for applying mascara.

  • To prevent clumping: Left over mascara on the wand can cause the lashes to clump and dry. There are some instances where too much product builds on the wand that cause clumping. To prevent clumping, simply swipe the wand against the edge of the tube. On the other hand, a clean disposable spoolie also helps to prevent clumping. After applying mascara, swipe a spoolie along the lashes. It also helps to separate lashes and removes excess product. If a disposable spoolie is not available, use an old mascara wand. In addition, do not pump the wand out of the mascara tube back and forth. Pumping causes air to get into the mascara, which creates clumps. 
  • Use translucent powder on lashes: The translucent powder hack, helps plump the lashes. To do the translucent powder hack; first, sprinkle translucent powder over lashes while the mascara is still wet. Secondly, apply another coat of mascara. Use a cotton swab or an eyeshadow brush to avoid messing with the powder. Put in enough amount of translucent powder and not too much to avoid absorbing the moisture and clump. An alternative product for translucent powder is baby powder if it is not available. 
  • Wiggle and swipe technique: Do the wiggle and swipe technique, instead of the usual upward stroke. Wiggle and swipe technique is to enhance and make the lashes appear longer. It helps to add volume to the lashes around the roots and coats every lash. Wiggling the wand around the root, then swipe it upwards. In this way it initiates the volume, and the bristles will cover all the long and short lashes.
  • Does mascara damage your lashes?

    Yes, it will damage the lashes. There are some factors on how mascara will damage the lashes. One, is the usage of old mascara. Mascara usually lasts for up to 3 months. An old mascara can harbour harsh bacteria, which causes lash loss, damage and eye infection. Stop wearing the mascara if it causes the eyes to constantly water or itchy. Second factor, it will damage the lashes when sleeping with makeup on. Keeping makeup on overnight leads to breakouts. It is also the top cause of eyelash damage and clumps.