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Tips You Need to Know How to Perfectly Apply Blush

Tips You Need to Know How to Perfectly Apply Blush

Blush is a type of beauty cosmetic applied to the cheek area of the face. It is intended to add more colour or even out skin tone. During the old days, blush was made from fruit extracts like strawberries and mulberries. Through the years, blush formulation has evolved and now, blushes are usually made out of dyes and cold creams. There are three common types of blush formulation, powder, cream, and stain. Depending on the skin type and tone, applying blush on the face can be tricky. There are different ways and techniques on how to perfectly apply blush. A natural-looking blush can be achieved by understanding the skin tone, face shape and texture of the face. There are blushes created for dry, oily and normal skin types. 

Knowing what formulation works well with the skin can be a big help when applying blush. Finding the perfect brush is also a factor when using blush, go for brushes that are natural and soft. Using a brush that has softer bristles will make the application smoothly. Another thing to consider is the shape of the face. A blush when properly applied can accentuate the best feature of the face like the cheekbones. It adds more colour to the face, making it appear to be healthy and glowing. A round face can look slimmer and contoured when a blush is properly applied. It is the same thing with having an oblong face, by applying blush to the right area, it can make the face look balanced.  To perfectly apply blush to the face, it is best to practice more often and try different shades and formulations that will work and enhance the face.

How to Apply Blush Step by Step

Listed below are the tips on how to perfectly apply blush.

  1. Prep your skin the right way.
  2. Pick a shade that works with your skin tone.
  3. Find the right blush formula for your skin type.
  4. Pick the right blush brush.
  5. Apply blush according to your face shape.
  6. Ditch the "Smile-as-You-Apply" Technique.
  7. Blend it well.
  8. Fake a Face-Lift.
  9. Enliven Skin with Instant Radiance.

1. Prep your skin the right way

Step 1 How to Apply Blush Step by Step

Before applying blush to the face, make sure to clean it first. To make the blush last longer and blend naturally to the skin, a clean and moisturised face is needed. A gentle cleanser can be used when prepping the skin before applying any makeup like the blush. When the skin is clean and dry, it will hold any makeup being applied to it. Clean skin is a perfect canvas to apply any makeup. There should be no oil and dirt build-up on the skin because this will prevent the blush colour from staying.

2. Pick a shade that works with your skin tone.

Step 2 How to Apply Blush Step by Step

There are many available blush shades to choose from. When picking the right shade of blush, the skin colour must be considered first. One way of knowing the natural flush of the cheek is to try checking the cheeks after running or going to the gym. Try to imitate the natural colour it gives to the cheeks. If the skin is fair, cool pale pink shades are a great choice. For medium skin, try neutral pink or peach tones. For olive skin tones, peach and rose colours will look stunning. Understanding the undertones of the skin will also help in choosing the perfect shade of blush.

3. Find the right blush formula for your skin type

Step 3 How to Apply Blush Step by Step

Finding the right blush is not just about the shade, the formula also matters. There are 3 types of blush formulations: powders, stains, and creams. For dry skin, the powder blush formula will glide smoothly over pores for a blurring effect. If the skin is oily, choose a cheek stain that works well. Cheek stains tend to last longer, even if the skin is oily and sweats easily. For normal or combination skin, cream blush is perfect because it is easy to use because of its creamy formula. It blends easily on the cheeks and has a high staying power. 

4. Pick the right blush brush.

Step 4 How to Apply Blush Step by Step

A good blush will last when applied using a good-quality blush brush. The tools used when applying any makeup will determine the good outcome. Pick a brush that is soft, natural, and good at distributing colour. It has to be soft, so it can easily glide on the cheeks. A good blush brush should evenly distribute colour to the cheeks and won't clump up the colour. A natural or vegan blush brush has softer bristles compared to synthetic ones, so it will easily glide on the face and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort.

5. Apply blush according to your face shape

Step 5 How to Apply Blush Step by Step

Blush makeup is specifically created to accentuate the face. There are different techniques when applying blush depending on the shape of the face.

Listed below are the different ways how to apply blush according to the face shape.

  • Round-shaped Face:  A round-shaped face appears to have wide cheeks, and the width and length of the face are of the same size. To apply blush, gently swipe on the cheeks using a brush. Apply blush colour in an upward motion leading towards the temple, down to the earlobe. This will create a more elongated-looking face.
  • Oval-shaped Face: An oval-shaped face has a wider forehead, visible cheekbones, and narrow chin. It is considered to be the ideal shape for the face. When applying blush to an oval face, start at the most noticeable part of the cheekbone, using gentle strokes. Position blush down near the earlobes and do an upward blend to the temple. This technique will create a more balanced contour on the face.
  • Heart-shaped Face:  A face is considered a heart shape when the chin tends to be pointy, and the cheek and forehead may be the prominent feature. To apply blush, gently sweep the brush following a “C” shape from the top of the temple down to the cheekbone. Apply more colour along the cheekbone, then spread the colour up towards the temple. 
  • Square-shaped Face: A square-shaped face appears to have a prominent jawline. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are almost the same widths. To apply blush, start by applying long, soft motions, and swipe blush colour across the cheekbones. Gently draw blush from the eyebrow down to the nose and softly blend. 
  • Oblong-shaped face: An oblong-shaped face has a very long and narrow bone structure.  When applying blush, touch the apple of the cheek with blush, then blend the colour towards the nose and out near the temple. Adding a hint of blush on the forehead and the sides of the brows can pull the look together.
  • 6. Ditch the "Smile-as-You-Apply" Technique

    Contrary to popular belief, smiling while applying blush isn't always the best technique. When applying blush, first find the apple of the cheeks. The bone structure of the face should be taken into account. When a person smiles, the cheeks rise up, changing the natural shape of the face. When a face is resting, apply blush to its normal position. 

    7. Blend it well

    Applying blush in the right area is not enough, it should be blended beautifully for a natural look. The blush should look like the cheeks' natural flush, not like clown makeup. A damp sponge or a brush of blush can be used to blend it nicely. Proper blending is the key to achieving a subtle colour in the cheeks that glow. 

    8. Fake a Face-Lift

    Using blush can instantly provide more sculpted and lifted cheeks. There is a technique that will give a nice face-lift using a blush. First, apply a matte neutral-tone bronzer in the hollow of the cheeks, this will surely define the bone structure. Then apply blush above the bronzer, focusing more on the upper cheeks. Those two easy steps will definitely give the face an instant, realistic, and contour face.

    9. Enliven Skin with Instant Radiance

    A nice glowing effect can be achieved when highlighting product is added on top of the blush. It can make dull skin look more supple and lively. Choose a soft glowing, finely milled shimmer for a natural finish. It will highlight the cheeks and create a soft shimmering effect.

    What is the best way to choose the proper blush shade for my skin tone?

    The best way to choose the proper blush for the skin tone is to understand the undertone of the skin. If the skin tone is warm or has a yellow undertone, go for a warm blush shade like peach or coral. A cool skin tone or pink undertone goes well with berry and pink colours. To achieve a natural look, always pick a blush with the same undertone as the skin.

    What blush formula is best for my skin type?

    There are different formulations of blush that are suited for every skin type. Knowing what works best for the skin is the key when choosing the best blush. If the skin is oily, opt for cheek stain, aside from its staying power it has a more intense colour even with just a small amount. Powder blush is good for dry skin because it will smoothen out the appearance of the pores. Creams and stains have a tendency to crack when they dry, and it increases the look of dryness. For normal or combination skin, cream blushes are good. They are easy to apply and create a smooth finish to the cheeks. 

    Is it better to apply blush before or after foundation?

    It is better to apply blush after foundation. After the foundation is set, a powder blush can be applied. The goal is to make the blush stay longer and should not be overshadowed by a foundation. But every rule has an exception, when using a cream blush, it should be applied before the foundation, so it won’t look patchy.  Usually, applying blush should be one of the last steps in the makeup routine.