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Types of Eyeliners: How to Use Them

Types of Eyeliners: How to Use Them

Eyeliner is a sort of eye makeup that comes in a variety of styles. It is used to draw attention to the eyelids and/or to alter the perceived shape of the eyes. Eyeliner, like many cosmetics, can vary greatly in terms of formulation, but there are a few basic aspects that appear to be consistent. Film formers, thickening agents, and pigments are the three types of components that are typically required. Film formers should lay down a thin coating on the skin to ease application. Thickening agents subsequently make up the majority of what eyeliner is made of in terms of both weight and volume. Pigments‌ are responsible for the colour of the products. Since eyeliner is applied so close to the eyes, it is essential to find a formulation that is comfortable.

The benefits of using eyeliner include the ability to highlight the eyes in a variety of styles, such as normal, winged shaped, smokey eyes, tight eyeliner style, and so on. This creates a lovely aesthetic effect on the eyes. Thus, it enhances the size and form of the eyes or reshapes them according to their preferences. Moreover, eyeliners are typically worn by women only. However, considering that eyeliner has an aesthetic value, men may also use it in their performances. Some types of eyeliners are liquid, kajal, pencil, gel, pen, and eyeshadow as eyeliner.

1. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is an opaque product that comes in a compact bottle and is applied with a little sharp-tipped brush. Liquid eyeliner features a clear, precise line and is ideal for creating sharp, winged eyeliner. The easy application of traditional liquid eyeliner will not be a challenge for a beginner. However, liquid eyeliner is less forgiving when making a mistake, so a steady, practice hand is called for. The average price for some best liquid eyeliner will range from £5.36 GBP. The price is subject to change depending on the brand's choice. The distinction between liquid eyeliner and other varieties of eyeliner is that the formula is typically more watery than that of a gel, pencil, kajal, pen, or eyeshadow used as eyeliner, and it is not as creamy upon application.

Liquid Eyeliner Advantages

Liquid Eyeliner Disadvantage

Blunt, sharp, and accurate lines

Sensitive texture

Speedy application

2. Kajal Eyeliner

Kajal Eyeliner

Kajal eyeliner is an eye cosmetic product that can be used on the upper or lower lids, as well as on both sides of the eyes. It gives the eyelids a perfect sharper appearance and aids in visualising the full eyelashes. It is used to outline the upper and lower waterlines of the eyes, as well as the outer. While applying Kajal eyeliner may appear difficult at first, it is a very simple process. The average price for Kajal eyeliner will range from £5.35 GBP. Some prices of best kajal eyeliner is subject to change depending on the brand's choice. The distinction between Kajal and other types of eyeliner is that it can be used as a waterline eye makeup on both the upper and lower eyelids. While other varieties of eyeliner such as liquid, gel, pen, pencil, and eyeshadow are used to define the outsides of the upper and lower eyelids.

Kajal Eyeliner Advantages

Kajal Eyeliner Disadvantages

Provides an intense look by the darker formula

Need an expert to apply it properly

Easy application and easy to remove

Difficult to find out natural and real brand

Best option for smokey eyes and has creamy texture

3. Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is a cosmetic product with a softer appearance that is ideal for smudgy cat eyes and precise lining. It is used to define the eyes and is applied along the eye's contours to produce a range of artistic effects. Pencil eyeliner is much easier to use and control as it creates a clean, natural-looking line. The average price for pencil eyeliner will range from £3.84 GBP. However, the prices of some brands that offer best pencil eyeliner is subject to change. Its distinction from other types of eyeliner because it is usually creamy, slides smoothly over the lash line and may create a virtually flawless smudge look on the eyes. Other varieties of eyeliner, such as liquid, gel, pen, kajal, and eyeshadow, are darker and more pigmented.

Pencil Eyeliner Advantages

Pencil Eyeliner Disadvantages

Great for makeup beginners

Fades throughout the day

Perfect for the upper and lower waterlines

Have to re-sharpen after every use

4. Gel eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is a long-lasting eyeliner with a dramatic and obvious effect. It has a solid colour with no layering and can be very crisp when applied with a fine brush. Gel eyeliner can be used to achieve distinctive effects such as the winged look, which helps to lengthen the eye. Gel eyeliner is easy to apply in a smooth line, cat-eye, or wing, and it doesn't slide off easily. The average price for gel eyeliner will range from £6.14 GBP. The price is subject to change depending on best gel eyeliner brands. Its distinction from other types of eyeliner is that it is suitable for larger lines and has a higher colour intensity. While the consistency of different types of eyeliner such as liquid, pen, pencil, kajal, and eyeshadow as eyeliner differs.

Gel Eyeliner Advantages

Gel Eyeliner Disadvantage

Last all-day

Lengthy application

Great for smudging and smokey eye

5. Pen eyeliner

Pen Eyeliner

Pen eyeliner is similar to liquid eyeliner, except it comes in the form of a handy small pen. The best pen eyeliner typically features a pointed felt tip with an eyeliner substance inside the pen, eliminating the need for a brush. It has a smooth feel and a flexible soft tip. Pen eyeliner is used to build intensity for a smokey eye makeup look. It applies easily to the eyelids without tugging or skipping. The fine tip of the pen eyeliner allows for precise line drawing, yet the shape of a sketch pen makes it simple to use even for beginners. The average price for pen eyeliner will range from £5.37 GBP. The price is subject to change depending on the brand's choice. Its distinction from other types of eyeliner is that its formula dries quickly, making it one of the best matte black eyeliners for generating ultra-precise crisp lines. Other varieties of eyeliner, such as liquid, gel, kajal, pencil, and eyeshadow as eyeliner, have different effects for application.

Pen Eyeliner Advantages

Pen Eyeliner Disadvantages

Easy to control

Needs to be layered to create a darker look

Great for thick and thin lines

Doesn't come off too easily

Good for quick precision and long-lasting

6. Eyeshadow as eyeliner

Eyeshadow as eyeliner

Eyeshadow as eyeliner is a cosmetic that is typically applied to the eyelids to make the wearer's eyes stand out and appear more appealing. The best eyeshadow as eyeliner features a variety of visual effects and vibrant colour palettes. Eyeshadow as eyeliner is used to define the eyes. Eyeshadow as eyeliner is probably the most convenient and easiest option to use. The average price for an eyeshadow palette will range from £3.84 GBP. The price is subject to change depending on the brand's choice. Its difference from other types of eyeliners is that eyeshadow creates illusions on the eye and has a variety of colours. While other types of eyeliner are used solely to create graphic eye designs, winged lines, etc. on the eyelids and water lines. 

Eyeshadow as Eyeliner Advantages

Eyeshadow as Eyeliner Disadvantage

Achieved smudged eyeliner effect

Not super sharp as an eyeliner

Has a variety of colours to choose from

How do Eyeliner Types Differ from Each Other?

There are numerous types of eyeliner on the market nowadays. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an all-powerful eyeliner; instead, they are divided into distinct categories that are created for diverse applications around the eyes. The most common eyeliners are Liquid, gel, kajal, pencil, pen, and eyeshadow as eyeliner. Eyeliners are used to add colour to the area around the eyes in order to enhance and highlight their appearance. It draws attention to the eyelids and/or alters the perceived shape of the eyes. They contain specific components that apply colour precisely and controllably where it is needed. Liquid and pen eyeliner has a watery texture and are perfect for producing a precise line, however, pen eyeliner comes in a handy small pen form. Kajal eyeliner has a soft, silky texture and is typically used to line the eyes, darken the eyelids, and make the eyelashes appear darker and thicker. Pencil and gel eyeliner, on the other hand, have creamy textures that are easy to apply to the lids; however, a gel is neither liquid nor as hard as a pencil eyeliner. Lastly, the textures of eyeshadow as eyeliner include matte, satin, mineral, cream, shimmer, and metallic. In terms of application ease, liquid eyeliner demands practice because it is not forgiving when mistakes are made. Eyeliners such as kajal, pencil, gel, pen, and eyeshadow are simpler and more ideal for beginners.

Which Eyeliner Type is the Most Used?

For decades, pencil eyeliner has been the most often used eyeliner. It is a multi-purpose eyeliner that can be used in a variety of ways and is ideal for beginners. It produces a virtually flawless smudge effect for those who enjoy the smokey eye look. They can, however, be used for a clean sweep across the lids and to line the upper and lower lash lines almost without smudging. This type of eyeliner is usually creamy and glides smoothly on the lids and waterlines.

Which Eyeliner Type is the Easiest to Apply?

When compared to other types of eyeliner, gel eyeliner is the easiest to apply. Gel eyeliner is easy to apply in a seamless line, cat-eye, or wing and does not easily smudge. The gelp type of eyeliner is often more forgiving because it can be managed, and the product lends itself readily to a flawless application. However, it is still important to have knowledge and idea on how to apply eyeliner

Which Eyeliner Type is the Most Expensive?

The most expensive type of eyeliner is gel eyeliner. The formulation of the product's ingredients, as well as its long-lasting effect, are commensurate with its price. Generally, gel eyeliner is a crease-proof, smudge-proof product that lasts for at least 36 hours.

Which Eyeliner Looks can be Applied with the Different Types of Eyeliners?

In today's makeup industry, makeup users and enthusiast have been creating different eyeliner looks that may be achieved with various types of eyeliner. First, liquid eyeliner is one of the best cosmetic tools for producing flawless cat eyes, graphic wings, and statement lines. The gel eyeliner can be simply applied to the top lid to shape the eye, or it can be used to produce special effects, such as the winged appearance that helps expand the eye or the fishtail eyeliner makeup style. Pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, can give a softer effect, which is ideal for bringing attention to the eyes without clarifying that liner is being used. It's also perfect for smudgy cat eyes and tight lining. The smearing effect of kajal eyeliner gives a smudged look to the eyes. It can also be used to line the waterline and create a winged liner for a more edgy effect. In addition, pen eyeliner can be used to create a savage cat-eye appearance with an added edge. Lastly, using eyeshadow as eyeliner provides an illusion effect. A variety of colours can be utilised to achieve various effects, such as generating graphic lines, cutting crease appearance, and so on.