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6 Simple Steps on How to Remove your Eyelash Extension without Damaging your Natural Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Removal

People have several types of natural eyelashes, thus products and procedures have been formulated to enhance the look of the lashes. These cosmetic products and procedures are popular nowadays as people want to add thickness and length to their natural lashes. One of these is the eyelash extensions, these are semi-permanent strands of hair that can enhance the look of the lashes based on the desired look of the client. They are more extensive to work on to enhance the lashes, mainly because it is put on by professional artists using an adhesive to attach the extensions to the natural lashes. The incorrect procedure might end up damaging the natural eyelashes, so seek professionals that are good at providing natural look eyelash extensions. There are four kinds of eyelash extensions to choose from that vary in length, volume, and curl. The proper kind of eyelash extension must be chosen by the artist to prevent damaging the hair follicles and natural lashes. 

Eyelash extensions can typically last for up to 6-8 weeks and will shed on their own when the natural lashes grow. These extensions should be removed by professionals as well to avoid stressing or damaging the natural lashes. The adhesive glue should be first loosened up or dissolved before completely removing them. But it can also be removed at home by following the instructions below.

  1. Apply an oil-based makeup remover to your eyelash extensions
  2. Indulge in a hot shower
  3. Leave castor oil overnight in your eyelash
  4. Avoid removing or picking your eyelash extension
  5. Use mascara to weaken the adhesive of your eyelash extension
  6. Nourish your natural eyelashes after your eyelash extension falls out

1. Apply an oil-based makeup remover to your eyelash extensions.

Apply an oil-based makeup remover to your eyelash extensions

Oil-based makeup remover is infused with mineral oil, vegetable oil, or synthetic oil. It is the best makeup remover to use when removing heavy makeup. This is often used by people with sensitive skin who are prone to inflammation and redness. It is a gentle makeup remover because it does not require harsh rubbing as it can dissolve the makeup easily, especially those waterproof and matte ones. 

2. Indulge in a hot shower.

Indulge in a hot shower

To break the glue that bonds the eyelashes to the eyes, have a hot shower. The steam from the shower will loosen up the glue on the eyelash extension after a couple of minutes. An alternative for a hot shower is a facial steamer. A facial steamer is a portable device that releases a warm mist through the opening where the face is placed. It is designed to loosen, soften, and moisten the oil and debris present in the pores. It will then be easier to remove the makeup products. 

3. Leave castor oil overnight in your eyelash

Leave castor oil overnight in your eyelash

Castor Oil is not only used to promote hair growth but to also break down the bond of the glue on the eyelashes. It is no surprise that castor oil has the ability to do this, as some oil-based makeup remover contains castor oil. Once the eyelashes have been removed, leave the castor oil on the natural eyelashes before sleeping. This is to aid in strengthening the natural lashes as it forms a protective layer over the hair to help thicken it and improve healthy hair growth.

4. Avoid removing or picking your eyelash extension.

Avoid removing or picking your eyelash extension

Do not remove, cut, or pick the eyelash extension without loosening up the bond. Picking them up will cause damage to the natural lashes, and then the extensions will grow out and shed with the natural lash cycle. This, then, will leave a bald spot on the eyelashes. Do rub the eyelashes or use a hot compress on them as this can also irritate them. All of these can cause follicle damage in the long run, which can be hard to fix. 

5. Use mascara to weaken the adhesive of your eyelash extension.

Use mascara to weaken the adhesive of your eyelash extension

Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to eyelashes to add volume and length. Different types of mascara serve different purposes and may also deposit different colours on the eyelashes. But mascara, if used regularly, can also loosen the glue on the extensions. Opt for oil-based mascara, which can dissolve the glue that bonds the eyelashes. On the other hand, avoid mascara that contains glycol and carbonate, as this can mess with the adhesive of the extensions. Furthermore, waterproof, tube and fibre mascaras are also products to stay away from. These types of mascaras can make the eyelashes brittle, and the mascara sticks like cement, which can be harder to remove. 

6. Nourish your natural eyelashes after your eyelash extension falls out.

Nourish your natural eyelashes after your eyelash extension falls outn

Once the eyelash extensions fall out, make sure to take care of the natural eyelashes. Eat the proper food that is rich in protein, biotin, vitamins A and C, niacin, and iron. These ingredients can be found in nuts, grains, fruits like berries, fish, and vegetables like spinach. They serve as natural supplements to help stimulate hair growth on the eyelashes. Moreover, do not forget to remove the makeup using a gentle makeup remover before sleeping at night and make sure to clean the eye part thoroughly and gently as this is a sensitive part. After cleansing, use an eyelash serum to further help nourish the eyelashes by giving them a booster that can aid in hair thickening and growth. Lastly, take a break from eyelash extension. Indeed, they are a great addition to a makeup look and can make the eyes look more stunning, but give the lashes time to breathe. 

What should be considered when deciding to get an eyelash extension?

Eyelash extensions are different for every individual. Picking the right eyelash extensions is based on their facial features and personal preferences. If the goal is to make it look natural, opt for extensions that are similar to natural eyelashes. Next, decide how long the eyelashes should be. If the goal is to make the eyelashes look fuller, opt for something similar as well to the natural eyelashes. But if the goal is to make it look airy, opt for longer ones. Eyelash extensions also have different kinds of curls-J curl, B curl, C curl, D, curl, and L curl. J curl has minimal curl, whilst C curl has the most visible curve. B curl is used in the inner eye, whilst L curve is mostly used for people with hooded eyes. D curve is used if the goal is to have dramatic-looking eyelashes. Eyelash extension, just like a mascara, also comes in different colours to choose from. Lastly, eyelash extensions are most of the time expensive and need maintenance. So consider looking for a more affordable yet high-quality option that will fit the budget. 

What are the risks of having eyelash extensions?

When the eyelash extension is applied incorrectly by a professional or by oneself, it may cause infections in the eyes. Customers may suffer from swelling, temporary or permanent loss of natural lashes, irritation, infection of the eyelid, stinging or burning sensation in the eyes, bloodshot eyes, itching, and rash. These symptoms can be an indication of eyelid dermatitis, blepharitis, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania. Consult the doctor immediately if these symptoms appear in the eyes. 

How to nourish natural lashes?

The eyelashes need to be taken care of as well by using products that were formulated and designed specifically for them. Eyebrow serums, as mentioned earlier, are a great source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals that the eyelashes need for them to grow. There are many eyebrow serums available on the market that are infused with ingredients that will aid in promoting hair growth, especially for those who have thinning hair. Opt for serums that have castor, coconut, milk, vitamin E, aloe vera, green tea, and jojoba oil as these create wonder by not only promoting hair growth but also thickening and hydrating the hair. Next, comb the lashes using a clean mascara brush or a spoolie. 

Is it advisable to remove your eyelash extension by yourself?

No, removing the eyelash extension at home is not advisable. Although the above tips can help loosen up the eyelash extensions which make it easier for it to be removed, there is a possibility of ruining the natural lashes if not removed properly. The adhesive used when eyelashes were applied is a high-quality glue that may require professional help when removing. If not removed properly, it will leave bald spots on the eyelashes. 

Does long-term eyelash extension damage natural lashes?

No, it does not damage the natural eyelashes, however, if eyelash extensions are not applied properly, it will ruin the natural eyelashes. The only time the natural lashes are going to damage is when it is not taken care of properly and if the application is not done right. Just like what is mentioned above, avoid rubbing or tugging the eyelash extensions as this can stress out the natural lashes, thus damaging it. Moreover, if the eyelashes are too heavy, it can also stress out the natural lashes and cause premature shedding. Avoid stacking two or more eyelash extensions on top of one another, mainly because it can cause stickies which can pull the other extensions, thus causing damage to the natural lashes. Lastly, make sure to let a good professional artist apply the extensions to ensure that the process and materials used are proper and correct.