Eyelash Extensions are synthetic and semi-permanent lash that extends the lashes to make them look fuller and longer. It provides an enhancement to the lashes that brings out its dimensions that make the eyes pop. They are made from different materials like silk, synthetic, and mink that can cling to the natural tips of the lashes with the aid of glue. Mink eyelash extensions have a feathery appearance that feels very light when attached. Synthetic eyelash extensions are cheaper options that can add drama to the eyes but may look the least natural. Silk eyelash extension falls in between mink and synthetic that has a significant weight but does not wear down the eyelids. Silk eyelash has finer and porous materials that can outlast synthetic eyelash extensions. Each of these strands is carefully glued one after the other by professional salon technicians. Eyelash extensions also come in different lengths and thicknesses depending on the desired appearance. They can also come in curls or waved-out designs that can instantly complete the eyelash look. 

The obsession for modern eyelash extensions is dated back to 1800 when people would improvise lash extensions by gluing human hair on the tips of the lashes. It was only in 1902 that an English hairdresser named Karl Nessler patented his own invention of processing artificial eyelashes. The popularity of eyelash extensions has ballooned since then to the need to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. In comparison with other eyelash enhancements, eyelash extensions have less maintenance and usually last longer. Eyelash extensions can stay from 3 to 6 weeks before the need for reapplying. This would help one save time and effort, especially for people who are always on the go. 

What are eyelash extensions?

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension adds length, curls, and volume that is beneficial for people who have short and sparse eyelashes. It requires skills and expertise to carefully attach the individual strands of eyelash extension to the tips of the lashes. What differentiates eyelash extensions from other eyelash enhancements is that they last longer and do not require daily reapplication and maintenance. Eyelash extensions also vary in materials that have their own advantage and disadvantage. The process of having one’s eyelash extension attached is completely safe as long as it is done by a skilled and trained salon technician. The materials used as glue and adhesive must be free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. 

How do eyelash extensions works?

How do eyelash extensions works?

The quality and durability of having one’s eyelash extension done will greatly depend on the materials of the extensions, the skills of the technician and how one can minimally maintain them. Eyelash extensions are made differently and when it comes to durability, synthetic eyelash extension is the best choice. Improper attachment of eyelash extensions can also be a factor in its lasting effect. Salon tech should be more than skilled and equipped to meticulously apply the extension to prevent premature wearing off. To maintain the quality of the eyelash extensions, one should avoid contacting the lash with warm water and steam that may degrade its adherence.  Eyelash extension can last for an average of 6 weeks or even months before reapplication with minimal maintenance needed. 

What are the types of Eyelash extensions?

What are the types of Eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are made from different materials like mink, synthetic, and silk. Mink eyelash extensions are the more expensive kind that has a naturally airy and feathered edge. They are made from real animal fur and can outlast synthetic made eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions made from synthetic materials are considered durable but are the least natural in appearance. They feel much heavier when worn as opposed to mink eyelash extensions. Silk-made eyelash extensions fall in between mink and synthetic wherein they are mid-weight and are made from silk fibre. Silk eyelash extensions have a porous and malleable material that can last longer on the lashes with a more manageable weight. Eyelash extension technicians that are well-trained and skilled will be able to properly apply the base of extension properly. Even the most expensive piece of eyelash extension can be prone to shedding when not properly done by eyelash extension artists.  

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

A decent quality eyelash extension would cost over £100, depending on its quality and material. One can go for cheaper ones for £30, but they are bound to fall off at a fairly earlier time. They are basically custom-made to fit the client’s desired outcome. Considering that eyelash extensions are permanent, they would cost a lot more than one expects it. The price would include consultation, assessment, and the type of design that the client wants. Maintenance would set one back around £1 per lash attachment as they slowly fall out after some time. Going for a much more durable and quality set of eyelash extensions is a must to be able to save money, time, and effort going to the salon.

How long does eyelash extensions last?

How long does eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can generally last for six to eight weeks before they fall off or need maintenance. They naturally grow with the natural length of the eyelash that keeps them from staying on for longer periods of time. External trauma like intense heat or dust may also affect the longevity of eyelash extensions. One should go for synthetic-made eyelash extensions for a more durable kind. However, enthusiast can opt for eyelash extension aftercare products to extend its longevity. The skills of a salon tech could also be a determining factor in the staying power of the eyelash extensions whether they are properly attached or not.  If it starts to fall off, one can simply visit the salon to reattach the areas that have withered away. 

How to maintain eyelash extensions?

How to maintain eyelash extensions?

One can maintain their eyelash extensions by either revisiting the salon or do some precautionary measures when wearing them. It is advised, on the first two days of wear, to avoid any liquid contact with the eyelash extensions to allow the adhesive in between the lashes to set in. Extreme weather conditions or temperature should also be avoided to prevent wearing down of the eyelash attachment. Lash curlers are also discouraged as these would possibly break the material in synthetic eyelashes. When eyelashes start to fall off, always consult the salon where the eyelash extensions were attached. It is better to have them maintained by skilled professionals, as it would incur money, but would be done accurately. 

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

There are a lot of benefits from having an eyelash extension aids in completing one’s makeup look. Eyelash extensions bring out the dimensions of the eyelash that are concealed from its natural length and volume. A good set of eyelash extensions brings out the beauty of the eyes that makes one feel good on the inside out.

Listed below are the benefits of eyelash extensions.

  • A good quality eyelash extension extends the length, adds volume, and adds shape to dull eyelashes. An improvement in its appearance brings out the eyes even more. 
  • A fuller set of eyelashes brought by eyelash extensions enhances the overall makeup look and manages to make people look younger. 
  • Eyelash extensions may be more expensive than other eyelash enhancers, but they are fairly worth their price. They are more durable in quality and can last longer.
  • The synthetic fullness of eyelash extensions will require little to no need for mascaras that can save people time, money, and effort. 
  • They are durable and can withstand minor wear and tear that gives more security when worn and has lesser chances of falling off. 

What are the risks of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions may bring aesthetics to the lashes and eyes but may also bring risks with them under some circumstances. Most of these risks may concern hygienic practices that will cost more than the services of having eyelash extensions. It is inevitable at times especially for people who use eyelash extensions for the very first time.

Listed below are the risks of eyelash extensions. 

  • Allergic reactions may occur in people who have sensitive eyes and skin. It is part of the standard operating procedure to do a patch skin test to determine the presence of skin allergies to the eyelash extension materials. 
  • Infection may occur when salon techs do not observe sanitary practices when applying for the eyelash extension. The salon tech should be wearing the appropriate gear like hand gloves to prevent contamination that may transfer onto the client’s eyes or skin.
  • Eyelash extension is an expensive procedure and one must be able to take the risk of paying more when it comes to maintaining them. Aside from the actual overall fee of one’s eyelash extension done, a £1 per lash is charged for having them filled in. 
  • Permanent eyelash loss might occur when serious trauma to the eyelash happens. There is a chance wherein the length of the eyelash extension might get caught into something that will completely tear them off.  

How are lash extensions applied?

Application of eyelash extensions can be very tedious and requires certain skills to be able to attach them properly. Salon technicians follow certain procedures to properly attach them, especially for sparse and delicate eyelashes. One should always consult an expert in applying eyelash extensions to ensure a more secured filling in. Listed below is a step-by-step procedure on how lash extensions are applied. 

  • Patches are placed just right below the bottom lashes. This creates a clearer background and a clean surface during the extension attachment. 
  • Salon techs should be able to select the client’s desired length and style to be filled in. 
  • A sterile pair of tweezers are then used to pick the lashes individually at a 90° angle. 
  • The tip of the eyelash extensions is then dipped into the glue or adhesive just enough to cover the end.
  • It is then carefully swiped on the natural eyelash close to the base end and then coated together adequately with the adhesive. 
  • Make sure to separate the lashes in between attachments and get rid of excess glue to prevent clumping.
  • After all the eyelash extensions have been filled in, leave them to dry and set in for 5 minutes. Carefully spray some distilled water to slightly damp the extension and let them dry again. 

What is a good age to get eyelash extensions?

Anyone at any age can get eyelash extensions, but it is advisable to have them at a later age. Most salons would require parents’ consent for minors who want to have their eyelash extensions done. Another reason to have them done at a legal age is that most insurance does not cover unforeseen incidents that involve clients under the age of 18. People above the age of 18 are recommended to have their eyelash extensions done when they really need them. Not everyone is born with thick and long lashes and eyelash extensions can remedy that problem when reaching an appropriate time and age. 

What are the differences between Eyelash Extensions and an Eyelash Lift?

Eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts may share the same purpose of enhancing the eyelashes, but they pose a lot of differences from each other. Eyelash extension would require filling in the tips of the lashes while eyelash lift would apply products like a perm and fix lotions to create a fuller appearance to the eyelashes. Eyelash Extensions vs. Eyelash Lift product comparison would help the consumer pick a better fit for them to use. The addition of an Eyelash lift enhances more on the areas of the lashes that require more volume that would help them appear thicker. Comparing the end product between the two would give an advantage for eyelash lifts when it comes to a more natural look. It is said that eyelash lift is deemed safer to use and is less prone to damage than filling in synthetic eyelash extensions. 

Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

Yes, eyelash extensions may ruin natural eyelashes. Frequent application and filling in eyelash extensions can disrupt the natural growth of eyelashes. Certain stress can induce the follicles around the eyelashes to stop and may prematurely cause shedding. A few things to prevent this is to avoid overfilling the lashes to lessen the stress that might affect its natural growth. One should also avoid touching them or forcefully curling them which will add up to the weight of the eyelash area. These things happen for people with sparse or thinned-out eyelashes. It is helpful to give the eyelashes a break from extensions to allow them to naturally grow. Applying conditioning products to the lashes that are approved by salons can also be helpful to prevent ruining the natural eyelashes. 

Are eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, eyelash extensions are completely safe. It has been around for a long time and has been developed safe for use. It is popularly worn by most people who love having their eyelashes made without the hassle of doing them daily. To ensure its safety, salon techs for a patch skin test to ensure that the client does not have an allergic reaction to the materials used especially the adhesive. Allergic reactions could lead to inflammation around the eyes and can irritate the eyes. Each of the strands of eyelash extension is meticulously filled in one by skilled professionals. To avoid any accidents and unsafe practices for eyelash extensions, one should consult professionals for proper eyelash application and maintenance. 

Can you curl eyelash extensions?

No, eyelash extensions are not meant to be curled as one can already request a curled-up eyelash extension. Curling the eyelash extension with a mechanical eyelash curler would damage the synthetic material and could permanently detach them. If one wishes to have waved lashes, it is advisable to have them re-done by professional salon technicians which would cost a lot more. It is possible to have them curled by reaching through the natural eyelash portion using a heated eyelash curler. This would be a tedious task to do and would pose more risk of damaging both the natural and synthetic eyelash extensions. 

Do eyelashes grow back after eyelash extensions?

Yes, eyelashes can normally grow back after eyelash extensions have been removed. Even while the eyelash extensions are still on, the natural eyelashes still continue to grow. The added weight by the eyelash extension could deter the growth of the natural lashes that can cause premature falling off. When one has decided to have them removed, eyelashes would naturally regenerate on their own but would take an average of six weeks to grow back. One can apply nourishing products to induce eyelash growth. As much as how people love to have their eyelash extensions done, it is still best recommended to give the lashes some time to breathe and naturally grow.