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10 Must-Try Best Castor Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness in 2023

Best Castor Oil for Hair Growth & Thickness

Beauty oils are now incorporated into most hair and skin care regimens. Beauty oils are part of the modern era of the health and cosmetic world. They are deemed to have moisturising and antibacterial qualities that create a defensive barrier. Castor oil is amongst the most sought-after hair oils that has a long range of medicinal and commercial uses. It is famous as the oil that aids hair growth and its thickness. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. The seeds contain ricin, a potent toxin that is lethal when swallowed or inhaled in powder forms. The oil has been around since the Ancient Egyptians first used it as a laxative, and is now considered one of the world’s oldest herbal medicines.

In modern times, castor oil is found in many natural beauty products that claim to improve hair and skin texture, as well as promote hair growth and volume. Castor oil contains amino acids, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids that are responsible for maintaining the overall quality of the hair and humidifying the skin. Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that assist in healing and inflammation. Additionally, it contains ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that aids in moisturising the skin on the scalp to prevent dandruff. Those mentioned components are the best ingredients that castor oil must contain, which consumers must be aware of when considering buying one. 

Listed below is the top selection of the best castor oil for hair growth and thickness in 2023. 

  • Best Cruelty-Free: The best cruelty-free castor oil for hair growth and thickness is Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil. It is an unfiltered, and undiluted hair oil that has not been tested on animals. 
  • Best For All Hair Types: The best for all hair types for hair growth and thickness is the Cliganic Castor Oil. It is pure castor oil that is suited for all types of hair. 
  • Best Chemical Free: The best chemical-free castor oil for hair growth and thickness is the Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Oil. It is made without using any harsh components.

  • 1. Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil (Best Cruelty-Free)

    The Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil is loaded with fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids that are effective in thickening the hair. The omega fatty acids stimulate scalp circulation that eventually increases hair strength and elasticity. It improves hair volume and shine and is effective in promoting the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It is an all-natural moisturiser that would keep the scalp hydrated while restoring its optimal environment, making the hair grow healthy and glossy. The product effectively targets coarse, thick or thinning hair and makes it longer and stronger. The formulation is 100% organic, without any additional synthetic chemicals and preservatives. It is safe for any age and hair type as long as there is no previous allergic reaction to the oil. It is a great and natural alternative for expensive lash and brow serums. The average price for Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil is £11.69 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.5 out of 5 mainly because of its great value and effective hair growth and renewal.

    Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil


    Handcraft Blends 100% Pure Castor Oil


    Prevents or reverses hair loss

    Thick and sticky

    Restarts hair growth

    Does not rinse off immediately


    Strong scent

    2. Cliganic Castor Oil (Best For All Hair Types)

    Cliganic Castor Oil is 100% all-natural, unprocessed and cruelty-free. It is extracted carefully through cold-press to ensure the oil is not deteriorated by high temperatures, keeping it pure and intact. The product is known to contain various nutrients that hydrate the hair, skin, and scalp, making it look fuller and healthier. Besides hydrating the scalp, it deeply nourishes the eyelashes and eyebrows, making them longer and vibrant. It is functional for taming unruly beards and moustaches, keeping them thoroughly conditioned. The oil itself is delicate and has a sheer after effect. It is best used for any hair type as long as no prior sensitivities occur. Since castor oil is combustible, it must be kept away from flames and extreme temperatures.  The product comes in a kit containing a mascara wand and tube for easy application. The average price for Cliganic Castor Oil is £8.22 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.5 out of 5 mainly because it effectively delivers visible results in as early as 3 months. 

    Cliganic Castor Oil


    Cliganic Castor Oil


    A little product goes a long way



    Strong smell

    Includes an applicator wand

    3. Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Castor Oil (Best Chemical Free)

    The Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Oil is chemical-free and made from 100% castor oil. It is rich in antioxidants that improve hair texture, reduce frizz and moisturise the hair making it more voluminous. It is infused with powerful antioxidants and fatty acids. The product deeply penetrates the hair follicles to establish proper hair growth and reduces split ends. It is vegan, phthalate and paraben-free which is safe for any hair type. It has anti-inflammatory properties that act against contaminants that potentially infect broken skin barriers. The oil helps soothe the scalp, especially for users who live in harsh climates. The average price for Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Oil is £12.34 GBP. Customers rated the product 5 stars out of 5 mainly because of how their hair grew nicely after using the product. 

    Even Hansen Organic Pure Natural Castor Oil


    Even Hansen Organic Pure Natural Castor Oil


    Vegan and USDA Certified Organic

    Inconvenient application process

    Stimulate hair, eyelash, and eyebrow growth

    Small volume 

    4. Sky Organics Castor Oil

    The Sky Organics Castor Oil is made from undiluted ingredients for a clean and potent effectivity. It is free from synthetic and harsh ingredients like silicone, sulphate, paraben, phthalates, mineral oil and dyes. It moisturises and conditions the hair, for fuller and healthier locks. Furthermore, it is packed with a lot of vital nutrients necessary for nourishing the roots and complete moisturisation of the hair. The product is 100% organic and is cold pressed to ensure purity and no nutrient loss, The product is used as an overnight regimen before preparing for shampoo the next day. It gives the eyebrows and lashes a nourishing boost. It is safe for all hair types and is proven for its speedy results. The average price for Sky Organics Castor Oil is £10.33 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.5 out of 5 mainly because of its effective hair growth results.

    Sky Organics Castor Oil


    Sky Organics Castor Oil


    Free from synthetic chemicals

    Irritate eyes when in contact


    Thick consistency

    Safe for all hair types

    Creates messy feeling

    5. Home Health Castor Oil

    Home Health Castor Oil is set to deeply penetrate and moisturise the hair from root to tip, leaving it smooth and silky. It is perfect for individuals having dry scalp, as it soothes and maintains hydration. The product reduces flyaways and keeps the hair in its natural and manageable state. Aside from that, it is best for nourishing the skin and making it more supple. The product is all organic and cruelty-free. Individuals who are pregnant, nursing and with known sensitivities must consult with a doctor first before using. The average price for Home Health Castor Oil is £12.05 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.7 out of 5 mainly for having the best deal.

    Home Health Castor Oil


    Home Health Castor Oil



    Burn the eyes if in contact


    Product is hard to remove 



    6. ArtNaturals Castor Oil

    The ArtNaturals Castor Oil is safe to use for hair, scalp, nails, and skin. It is made with 100% Castor Oil, which lubricates the hair shaft to increase elasticity, and thickness and lessen hair breakage. The product treats dandruff, relieves the scalp and induces shine to the whole length of the hair. It is safe to use for damaged, and chemically colour- treated hair. It balances the pH level of the scalp to ensure hair growth. Since the product is made with the cold-press method, there is no heat involved, and the vital nutrients and antioxidants are not killed off. The average price for Art Naturals Castor Oil is £13.27 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.5 out of 5 mainly because of its hydration effect and multipurpose usage. 

    ArtNaturals Castor Oil Advantages

    ArtNaturals Castor Oil Disadvantages

    Moisturises and hydrates

    Very thick consistency

    Prevents hair loss and dandruff

    Strong scent

    Multipurpose use

    7. RejuveNaturals Castor Oil

    The RejuveNaturals Castor Oil is an ECOCert and USDA certified natural castor oil that is vegan and free from pesticides and chemicals. The product is cold-pressed, to ensure the fatty acids and nutrients are preserved. It is known as a powerful moisturiser that readily absorbs into the skin and hair as it reduces frizz and flyaway. With its all-natural, chemically free formula, it effectively delivers in repairing dry and damaged hair, fuller looking brows and lashes and helps in soothing irritated and flaky scalp to restart hair growth. The average price for RejuveNaturals Castor Oil is £20.68 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.7 out of 5 mainly because of its healing and soothing effect.

    RejuveNaturals Castor Oil Advantages

    RejuveNaturals Castor Oil Disadvantages

    Great value

    Plastic bottle cap causes spill if not stored properly 


    Oily smell

    8. Heritage Store Castor Oil

    The Heritage Store Castor Oil is ideal for all hair and skin types. It is made from 100% cold-pressed castor oil that is hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. It is excellent to incorporate into skincare routines as a natural moisturiser and hair grower. It penetrates the roots of hair, lashes, and brows to effectively give the hair the deep nourishment it deserves. The product is used overnight as a hair treatment or to be left on for 20 minutes or more for achievable results. The packaging is made from PCR (post-consumer resin) which comes from repurposed bottles and plastic to limit the negative effects of using single-use plastics, without fully compromising the quality of the containers. The average price for Heritage Store is £3.89 GBP. Customers rated the product 4.6 out of 5 mainly because of its enhanced hair growth function and is sold starting from 

    Heritage Store Castor Oil Advantages

    Heritage Store Castor Oil Disadvantages

    Accelerates hair growth

    Messy Application


    Distinct scent

    Great value 

    9. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

    The Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil comes in a glass droplet and eyelash and eyebrow kit. The handy glass dropper allows easy application for hair. It aids in promoting healthier, stronger, and fuller-looking hair and efficiently hastens hair growth in as early as 4 weeks of consistent use. It serves as a natural treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, and brittle hair. With its 100% organic and cold-pressed formula, one assures the purity of the product. Same with other castor oil brands, it should be used with caution, especially with known sensitivities, children and pregnant women. The average price for Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil is £9.10. Customers rated the product 4.4 out of 5 mainly because of its noticeable effects from thickening and adding volume to hair, brows, lashes, and even moustaches. 

    Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil Advantages

    Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil Disadvantages

    Small amount goes a long way

    Tends to get greasy 

    Effectively thickens hair, lashes, and brows

    Not to be applied on the eyelashes

    Comes in a lash wand kit 

    Too thick in consistency

    What to know more before buying castor oil?

    When choosing the best castor oil in the market, one must consider a lot of factors, like the ingredients, how it is manufactured, certifications and reviews. But there are other things to know about castor before adding it to the beauty routine. There are instances that must be put into mind before starting to look for the appropriate castor oil, especially on how organic they claim to be. Some individuals experienced irritation when using the oil because some brands do not disclose the truth regarding how “pure” the product is. It is important to make thorough research regarding the brand and always be aware of the additional ingredients being put in. Castor oil is believed to relieve wounds and throat infections and is used as a laxative to alleviate infrequent constipation, but is not advisable for children and people with high levels of sensitivities. 

    For individuals that are looking into a more cost-effective and sustainable use, one might choose between castor oil that comes in a glass or plastic bottle. Glass bottles in dark amber colour are preferable since it is stable and not easy to produce a chemical reaction and provides a good barrier to prevent the oil from deteriorating over time. The strong rigidity of the glass bottle compared to the plastic ones is not easy to deform because of the heavyweight. A glass bottle is more convenient to disinfect compared to plastic bottles. Plastic bottles tend to release toxins if they are washed or heated. 

    What are the best ingredients in castor oil for hair growth?

    The main components of Castor oil are ricinoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and Omega fatty acids. Ricinoleic acid makes up 90% of castor oil and is deemed to promote blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth whilst intensely moisturising it. Oleic acid stimulates the growth of longer and stronger hair. Omega fatty acids both promote hydration and the palmitic acid softens the strands without the oily residue.

    What are the ways to apply castor oil for hair?

    Castor oil is more than just applying it directly to the intended areas of concern. Knowing the proper ways to apply it gives off its benefits and surely produces satisfactory results. 

    Listed below are the ways how to apply castor oil for hair.

  • Warming the oil before using. Heating up the castor oil before the application guarantees faster absorption and helps in loosening up flakes and build-up, allowing hair follicles to breathe and grow healthily. 
  • Combining with other oils. Castor oil is mixed with lighter oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil. Since each of the oils has different properties and nourishing benefits, it would much likely give the hair an additional conditioning boost.
  • Leaving the oil overnight. The oil is absorbed more if left to sit on the scalp or hair for a longer period, then wash it off the next morning. This gives the hair the ultimate nourishment and shine. 
  • Using cold-pressed variants. Cold-pressed castor oils are much more beneficial and effective since the oil is extracted without heat, thus, retaining the vital nutrients and vitamins of the castor oil. The cold-pressed variant is the best for recovering damaged hair, by learning how to apply castor oil for the hair and when should it be applied.

  • What are the different types of castor oil?

    Castor oil is not only limited to one variant. With its popularity, a lot of varieties and formulations exist depending on where it is used.

    Listed below are the different types of castor oil.

  • Sulphated Castor Oil. Known as “Turkey red” castor oil has a wide array of uses, including, lotions, creams, shampoos and many more. It is the only type of castor oil that completely disseminates with water and does not leave an oily ring when incorporated into other cosmetic products. 
  • PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. PEG 40 is used as a fragrance enhancer and foam booster. It naturally mixes with both oil and water, that’s why it is an excellent emulsifier. 
  • Black Castor Oil. The oil has a dark/burnt colouration due to roasting the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant before extracting. The oil has a nutty scent that differentiates it from other different types of castor oil. 
  • Yellow Castor Oil. It is intended for general use and is extracted by cold-pressing fresh castor beans.

  • Does Castor Oil Help With Hair Growth?

    Yes, castor oil helps with hair growth. Castor Oil is beneficial to the hair mainly because it contains components like proteins and omega fatty acids that enhance blood flow to the scalp, supporting hair growth. Protein aids in giving the hair the strength it needs to prevent hair fall. Omega Fatty Acids supply the hair with its needed proteins and nourishment. Additionally, Castor oil has ingredients that protect the scalp from undergoing stress, resulting in hair loss.