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How to Do Your Own French Manicure

How to Do French Manicure

A French manicure is a classic way of doing the nails by having white tips on light pink or colourless nail polish. This nail art has been popular since the 1920s. The natural-looking nail polish design did not actually originate from France, it was created by an American beauty supplier working in Hollywood. The French manicure is a classic nail style that most women can easily do at home. 

There are available French manicure home kits in every drug store that can be purchased. No need for fancy salon visits and expensive manicure services. An elegant French manicure nowadays is available in different styles and looks. Nail professionals added more fun and playful styles to keep up with the nail trends. More nail polish colours are being used, compared to the basic pink and sheer polish used in the traditional French manicure. There are basic steps that anyone can follow in order to achieve a French manicure. 

Listed below is the easy instruction on how to do the French manicure.

  1. Prep the nails.
  2. Shape the nails.
  3. Buff the nails.
  4. Use cuticle oil to hydrate nails.
  5. Put the base polish on your nails.
  6. Paint the tip of your nails.
  7. Top your nails with a sheer pink polish.
  8. Apply a top coat to the nails.
Creating French Manicure Steps

1. Prepare your nails.

A classic French manicure should look clean and well-prepared. Wash the hands and remove any old nail polish with a polish remover. It is best recommended to use an acetone-free polish remover. 

2. Shape your nails as you desire.

A well-shaped nail plate will definitely look good with a French manicure. It can be suitable for every nail type, but the square shape looks better for French nail tips. Make sure to have a symmetrical line when shaping the nails. 

3. Buff your nails.

Use a nail file to buff the nails. Give the nails trim and make sure that they are even. A nail file will ensure that the nails will have a smooth shape. There is a misconception that buffing the nails will cause damage, but when done correctly, it will create no damage, especially with a light touch and focusing on the cuticle area only. 

4. Use cuticle oil to hydrate your nails.

Put the hands in a bowl with warm water and dip the nails for five minutes. Another option is to soak the cuticles in oil before pushing them back. This helps soften the cuticles, making it easier to push them back. Try using an orange stick to push the cuticles out for a cleaner look, then apply cuticle oil to moisturise the cuticle and protect the nails.

5. Put the base polish on your nails.

For a French manicure, there are two shades needed; one for the nail and the other for creating the tip. Apply the base coat to the nails, this will help protect the nails and nourish them. This will also serve as a protection from stains, and it will strengthen the nail plate. 

6. Paint the tip of your nails.

Apply a small line of white nail polish using a liner brush. Start from the beginning of the nail edge. Apply the white polish slowly to create a clean line from end to end. It is best to keep the brush still and roll just the finger to achieve an even curved line. 

7. Top your nails with a sheer pink polish.

Apply a sheer pink shade polish to the nails, this colour will help hide any imperfections or yellowing of the nails. This process is what makes the French manicure more natural-looking.

8. Apply a top coat to your nails.

Once the nails are painted, a top coat can be applied to seal and set the polish. Make sure to apply just a thin layer of top coat to make the nails look chic and shinier. 

Creating French Manicure Steps 2

What is the best base nail polish?

A base nail polish is a clear polish that is applied before a coloured polish on top of the nails. It acts as a protective layer that prevents nail breaking and makes the nails stronger. Its purpose is to make nail polish durable.

Listed below are the best base nail polish.

  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure: The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French Manicure is a complete French manicure set that includes sheer base colour, white polish for the tip, and the UV top coat. It is a 3 in1 home kit for an easy French manicure. This French manicure kit has easy step-by-step instruction and self-adhesive nail guides for precise application.
  • Orly Bonder Base Coat: This base coat is formulated with rubberised resin that bonds to the polish for a long-lasting manicure.  It prevents nail chipping, and it is perfect as a base for a French manicure.
  • Dior Nail Glow:  The Dior Nail Glow is the first care enamel by Dior that instantly provides the effect of a French manicure in just a single application. This amazing base nail polish helps nails improve their natural colour because it is a brightening treatment. 

What is the best nail top coat?

A nail top coat acts as a sealant that protects and helps nail polish last longer. It is a nail coat that helps block UV rays from damaging colour. Nail professionals use a nail top coat to make the nail polish last and protect the nails from chipping. 

Listed below are the best nail top coat.

  • OPI Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat: The OPI Brilliant top coat gives an ultimate level of shine and protects the nail colour. It seals in the colour and prevents scratching and chipping for a long-lasting French manicure. 
  • Seche Viote Dry Fast Top Coat: This fast drying top coat is perfect for French manicures because it penetrates the nail bed to form a strong bond. It is perfect for oily nails that have more tendency to chip. This top coat promises not to leave yellow markings on the nail. 
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat:  This anti-chip top coat will provide coverage in just 1 coat instantly. The effect of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat can last up to 10 days, and it has double UV filters that help protect the colour of the nails. It dries up quickly in just 30 seconds upon application. 

What are the different French tip nail designs?

The classic French tip has come a long way ever since it was introduced in the nail beauty industry. Manicurists and nail technicians have added twists and a modern take on the traditional way of making the nails beautiful, and that is the French tip nail. 

Listed below are the different French tip nail designs.

  • Classic French Tip: The Classic French tip is the most common look of the French manicure. The nails are painted with a pink base colour then added a white tip that can be shaped like a crescent moon or diagonally, depending on the shape of the nails. It is the traditional French manicure that many salons offers and can be easily done at home.
  • Ombré French Manicure: This kind of French manicure uses a sponge instead of the usual nail polish brush. The Ombré French manicure is the modern take on the French manicure. It creates a wonderful fading colour on the tip o the nail. The classic French manicure has a visible white tip, while the Ombré French Manicure has a seamless white colour that appears to be fading on the tip of the nails. 
  • Neon French Manicure: The Neon French manicure is more playful and colourful as it uses neon colour for the tip. Colours may vary and are not limited to one. The French manicure usually has a white-coloured tip, unlike the trendy Neon French manicure. This style looks more youthful and fresh as it uses colourful polish for the tips. 
  • Crystal French Manicure: The Crystal French manicure is a more glamorous take on the French tip. Mostly used during special events like weddings and prom nights. This style includes crystals and rhinestones glued on top of the nails. It is a more intricate style compared to the traditional French manicure.
  • Deep French Manicure: This look is very similar to a traditional French manicure, the only difference is the much thicker white tip. The classic French tip has a thin white tip painted on the tip of the nails, while the Deep French manicure extends up to the base colour. This style can be achieved if the nails are much longer. 

Is it easy to do French tips nails?

Yes, it is easy to do French tip nails. There are many French manicure kits available in the market. Most of the manicure set includes the three main products needed for French manicures the base coat, white tip polish, and the top coat. These manicure sets include tutorials and instructions for easy application. The French tip nail is one of the classic and easiest manicures that anyone can easily do. 

Does French manicure always include French tips?

Yes, a French manicure always includes French tips. The French tip is the signature style of French manicure that features white tips emphasize by a pink-coloured base. The French manicure is a classic nail trend that never goes out of style because it gives the nails a natural and clean look.

What is the difference between a manicure and a French manicure?

The difference between a manicure and a French manicure is the colour of the tip of the nail. A regular manicure uses one nail polish colour to fully cover the nail. The French manicure uses a pink base colour and white polish to create the tip. A regular manicure provides basic nail care. The French Manicure, on the other hand, is more sophisticated and classic. 

Listed below are the differences between a manicure and a French manicure.

  • White tip: A French manicure’s signature look is the white tip. A regular manicure doesn't have this kind of style. After applying the base coat, a white strip of nail polish will be applied at the tip of each nail. This style is what makes the French manicure more sophisticated than the regular manicure.
  • Nail Polish Colour: The colour of the nail polish is one big difference between a manicure and a French manicure. French tips usually use a sheer pink nail polish that serves as the base of the French manicure.  A regular manicure can use any colour that can be applied to the nails. 
  • Coverage: A manicure provides full coverage when it comes to nail polish application. The manicurist will apply a certain nail polish that will fully cover the nails. The French manicure requires just a thin application of the pink base coat to enhance the natural look of the nails.