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Semilac is one of the widely renowned companies offering its clients an extensive selection of professional cosmetics dedicated to a durable manicure. Let us introduce you to the beautiful world of Semilac and its vibrant colours of hybrid gel polishes, tops and accessories, as well as professional Semilac removers and nail cleaners. 

Gel polish nails are growing in popularity at a breakneck pace. More and more people around the world have tried gel polish manicures at least once in their life. Why is it so? What is the phenomenon of gel polish nails? 

Why is Semilac gel polish so popular nowadays?

Gel polish manicure is one of the most durable types of manicure available on the beauty market nowadays. What’s more, different gel polish sets allow you to do your gel polish manicure at home. There are various ways of applying gel polishes. However, all of them are pretty easy. That is why you don’t need to make an appointment every time you get your gel polish nails done. In addition, there are so many colours of gel polishes that sometimes it is hard to decide on only one. Yet, only your imagination is the limit here. You can choose from various gel polish ideas and create fantastic gel polish manicures on your nails. 

Gel polish ideas - where to look for?

Sometimes, you have a gel polish kit full of the products you need to create a perfect gel manicure; however, you don’t have any idea. You don’t know how to combine colours or what patterns to develop on your gel nails. There is a perfect solution to this problem. You can choose one of two popular paths. On the one hand, you can decide to do a classic french manicure or apply any nude colour. This type of gel nail is often elegant and suits every situation and outfit. 

However, if you want to create something more exceptional, there is such an option. You can look for some inspiration online. There are platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest that are full of gel polish nails ideas. You can decide what gel polish manicure you are interested in, and you can even find a whole instruction on how to do it. That is extremely useful, especially for people who have just started their journey with gel polish manicures. 

Where to buy Semilac gel nail polishes?

In our shop, you will find products apt for amateurs, as well as for professionals. Specialised offers include armrests, spatulas, brushes, nail forms, aprons, UV lamps, and many more. In our shop, there are unique gel polish sets that will suit everyone. And don’t worry, all these products are perfect for home use, too, especially since in Roxie Cosmetics, you will also find starter kits ideal for exploring the world of hybrid manicure. The Semilac products we offer are available in the UK at our store.

You don’t have to spend long hours looking for a perfect gel polish in the shop around the corner from now on. You don’t even need to get the whole set of necessary products to do a gel polish manicure at home. The only thing you need to do is to have a computer or phone and internet connection. You can read about the products and choose the most beautiful colour from a wide range of them in our shop. 

And if you have your perfect gel polish kit, you can start this beautiful journey. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t give up after your first time with gel polish manicure. Becoming an ideal manicurist may take some time; however, it is worth all the money and time spent doing it.