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Size: 50ml.

Yon-Ka Essentials Gommage Face Scrub

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Gomma Yon-Ka peeling improving the texture of the skin is based on plant material. It does not contain microbeads or any rough particles. Its soft texture allows it to be used on even the most delicate skin types.

Gomma Yon-Ka is a product rich in carob and brown algae extracts, the smoothing and peeling effect of which is widely known. The cleansing and brightening essential lime oil and the soothing white light will give the sallow skin luminosity and freshness, and the vegetable glycerin will ensure its long-lasting hydration.

Gomma Yon-Ka Moisturizing and Peeling Gel is a Premium 4-in-1 product that provides four important benefits: it smoothes the skin, brightens the complexion, moisturizes and hydrates, restores the skin's balance. Your complexion will brighten up again, revealing its radiant glow.

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Size: 50ml.

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