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Size: 125ml.

Yon-Ka Body Specifics Creme 155 Anti Cellulite Massage Cream

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Creme 155, containing essential oils of sea pine, wintergreen and cedar, works great on fatty areas, including sensitive to touch due to excess body fat. It improves their appearance by softening and smoothing the skin. Pepper extracts facilitate the elimination of fat, accelerating tissues' metabolism and regulating the processes of perspiration. The active ingredients of ivy, ash and burdock complement these actions by showing a drying effect. The dimples and the orange peel become softer and then shrink.

Active Ingredients:

  • Essential oils of sea pine, wintergreen, cedar and nutmeg: relieving local hypersensitivity,
  • Capsicum: skin stimulation,
  • Ivy, ash, burdock, Yon-Ka Quintessence formula: modelling and cellulite reduction.

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Size: 125ml.

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