Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel Light Pink

Builder Gel by Silcare

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Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel Polish contains features of ten products in one bottle. It is designed for all types of nails, even those very weak. It will make any shellac styling last extremely long. It can be used as a gel polish on its own. Available in two colors: Clear and Light Pink.

Silcare 10in1 Revoultion Hybrid Gel is:

  • Base – perfect as a base coat for shellac and gel manicure.
  • Builder gel – thanks to the medium-thick consistency and self-leveling properties, it helps to create the C curve. 
  • Extension gel – thixotropy of the product allows to easily extend the nail plate on the form mechanical and thermal resistance features – after curing, the product has excellent resistant properties and protects the natural nail plate; it is not sensitive to temperature, makes the manicure very durable. 
  • Top – can be used as a hard top coat. 
  • Conditioning enhancement – It strengthens the nail, creating a hard layer that protects the nail plate from external damage. 
  • Hydrolyzed keratin, aminoacids, minerals and vitamins enriched.

Size: 15ml

As a Base Coat: apply a thin layer to the natural nail plate and cure under a UV / LED or LED lamp with a minimum power of 36 W - 1 min. When extending, apply a thin layer, cure and then two thicker layers.

Top coat: cure under UV / LED or LED lamp with min. 36 W - 1 min.

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