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Nesti Dante Horto Botanico toilet soap 250g Lettuce

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Natural toilet soap ankle Horto Botanico brand of Nesti Dante.

The formula is enriched with extract of lettuce, reduces odor and beautifies the skin, leaving it soft, moisturized and refreshed. Soap lathers well, so thoroughly cleanses, leaving at the same time delicate and subtle fragrance.

Nesti Dante soap factory with a long tradition - there since 1947. Mark Nesti Dante was born in Tuscany, in a private home. Nesti Dante cultivates soapmaking tradition of masters. Her recipes are created using many years of experience.

Natural soap plant on holiday, velvet combined floral notes cherry accentuated soft sensuality basil. The meeting with two of fragrance notes, which work together in harmony.
Essential of the most romantic and emotional areas of Tuscany are an inspiration
beautiful line "romantic" natural soap Nesti Dante Florence. Six wonderful bouquets fragrance has been linked as a part of life in this unique region of Italy. Beautifully decorated in botanical prints, Nesti Dante is not only ideal for body care every day, but also prove themselves as the perfect gift

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