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Naturalia Refreshing Aloe Vera Body-HydraGel moisturizing and refreshing body gel 290ml

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Aloe vera is a plant of tropical origin of great importance for human health. For the production of dermofarmaceutyków used to extract the pulp leaves of aloe barbadensis. Leaves are delicate processes of stabilization in order to ensure the maintenance of essential nutrients. The gel is made of water and a complex mixture of polysaccharides, allowing the plant to keep water, which allows it to survive under drought conditions. It also contains many other components such as amino acids, glycoproteins, minerals and vitamins. Aloe vera has numerous beneficial effects on the skin: hydration, regeneration, closing the pores, the operation prevents inflammatory, soothing and cleansing. Gels Naturalia 10% comes from organic farming. Its quality is certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

INDICATIONS moisturizing gel for all skin types. Especially indicated after shaving, depilation, tanning when the skin is dry, rough, irritated. Moisturizes, removes itching and superficial burns.

CHARACTERISTICS: aloe gel softens, anti-inflammatory, healing and regeneration of the cell. Ideal for reducing irritation and redness. It gives an immediate feeling of relief and comfort.

INGREDIENTS The pure aloe gel.

NOTES: gently cooling, non-greasy gel, easily absorbed without parabens.

HOW TO USE: Use daily as often as needed, massaging gently until completely absorbed

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