MineTan X40 Absolute Self Tan Foam Self- tanning foam very dark tan Ultra Dark 200ml

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Absolute X40 we will give you the darkest possible tan in just 1 hour.

40 accelerating the process of melanin production activators tanning technology quadruple bronzer combined with natural primers to activate skin cells and help you get darker, faster tan.

unique power activators 40 tanning technology quadruple bronzer provides comparable results.

Deciding when you take a shower, let the tan develop and achieve even darker natural for your skin color, odorless artificial tan.

Foam Self- tanning Absolute X40 is suitable for all skin types, if you care about getting our darkest possible tan in just one hour!

Absolute X40 is a self-tan with a mixture of black, brown, purple and red bronzers that will help you get our darkest tan possible.

To achieve even better results, contains 40 activators tanning bronzer quad technology.

Recipe MineTan contain delicate, approved by PETA ingredients that improve the condition of your skin. All products are composed of 100% natural and do not contain DHA parabens.

suits vegan not tested on animals (cruelty-free).


1. Apply the product to clean, peeling skin, using our glove Bronze self-tanning application to He.
2. Use less product on elbows, knees and ankles. Wash your hands after application.
3. After 1-3 hours + body rinse with warm water.

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