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Maybelline set Colossal 100% Black mascara 10.7ml + Garnier Skin Naturals micellar Oil 400ml

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The set includes brand Maybelline The Colossal 100% Black mascara mascara and 10. 7 ml Garnier Skin Naturals micellar Oil 400ml.

* The Colossal 100% Black Mascara mascara: deep black and expressive eyes. Collagen formula containing ultra-black pigments provides intensive volume of eyelashes. Megabrush cult brush, allowing for efficient product application and precise separation of lashes that makes makeup eye is clear and free of lumps. Or 100% of each

* Garnier Skin Naturals micellar Oil: a two-phase micellar with argan oil easily removes any type of make-up and purified face. It does not require rinsing and does not leave an oily film on the skin. Nourishes and soothes the skin. Paraben.

A set of Maybelline New York includes:
- Volum'Express Colossal Mascara Black 100% dedicated to Extra Dark women who want maximum bold lashes.
patented Mega Brush brush adapted to the consistency of the ink, fast applying the formula to the eyelashes
The precise separation of lashes
Colossal bold, thanks to a new formula of collagen saturated
colossal thickening in one stroke of the brush. Intensive makeup eyelashes
- eyeliner limited edition Colossal Kajal in black, which will facilitate the execution of precise makeup. It can be used as a crayon eyebrow to emphasize eyebrows, or you can draw it right on the dash lines rzęs- then you do not need eyeliner, pencil because it is durable and soft. There are other options, for example. Smoke-eyes makeup, then wysatrczy that rozetrzesz crayon on the eyelid, and make it easily due to the softness crayons

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