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L'Oreal Paris Specialist Expert Age 70+ Anti Age nourishing night cream 50ml

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Age Age 70+ Specialist Expert anti-wrinkle cream is a nourishing night. The product allows you to absorb calcium, and firms and nourishes the skin. Regenerates, giving the skin a glow and proper hydration. It helps regain resistance and acts against flabbiness. The cream strengthens, tones the skin.

After 60 years, the body begins to absorb less calcium. The epidermis calcium deficiency causes a reduction in the cohesion of the cells. The skin loses its firmness, becomes thinner, more sensitive and desiccated. Fibers subcutaneous tissue responsible for skin tone, degrade, and features limp.
Effect against sagging
The tissues are rebuilt: regain strength and once again fulfill its function maintenance. The skin is firmer, more elastic and permanently protected against flaccidity.
Effect against embrittlement
Protective functions of the skin are enhanced, intense hydration to better protect the skin and restore its resistance.
Visible results
78% of women confirmed that the cream Age Perfect Pro-Calcium on day effectively prevents slackening of the skin. *
* Self 51 women after 4 weeks of cream application.
Other information
tested under dermatological

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