L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Age Cream deep regeneration overnight with 50 ml of

Face Cream by L'Oreal Paris

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Women in the fight against the signs of aging of the skin often expect quick and visible results after surgery as aesthetic medicine. For such women created Revitalift Laser X3 - a unique cream explored the effectiveness compared to the fractional laser session, before dermatologists device recognized as an effective weapon in the fight against wrinkles.

solution preparing L'Oréal Paris
high concentration of active ingredients. Triple action Anti-Aging:
1. Fills the skin and reducing wrinkles: Revitalift Laser X3 is enriched with fragmented hyaluronic acid, which rapidly penetrates the skin layers (in vitro assay) to thoroughly reduce wrinkles.
2. Thickens the skin: the formula contains Pro-Xylane which amplifies the fibers of the skin (in vitro test) to return to its density.
3. Contour shapes: a first range Revitalift cream Revitalift Laser X3 has Pro-Xylane at a concentration of 3%, able to stimulate the production of natural components of the skin (in vitro test), by the firm the shape and contour of the face.

Visible results - Immediately: skin smoother and tighter * 23% **.
- After 4 weeks: visible reduction "claw grooves' (-24%)," crow's feet "(27%) and the wrinkles on the forehead (-20%). Wrinkle reduction was observed in 95% of women *.
- After 4 weeks: to improve density and firmness of the skin - the face looks modeled.

Beautiful skin today - visibly younger skin in the future
Effect: Fills + + Models the compaction
Age: 40 - 60
Consistency: light, silky, non-greasy

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