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Lelani Brushegg Makeup Brushes Cleaner

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Brushegg is an innovative, egg-shaped silicone finger cap that makes cleaning cosmetic brushes much easier. Thanks to its unique structure, we can even deal with the old, most persistent dirt. The washcloth is very good at dealing with waterproof cosmetics. The grater is great and stable in the hand, and the tabs of different sizes make it possible to wash both large and smaller brushes.

The brushegg is made of high-quality silicone, which gently cleans the bristles of the brush without causing any damage. By using this modern product, we extend the life of brushes, because they are not exposed to aggressive rubbing that takes place during manual washing. Thanks to its small size, we can use it at home and on the go. We send the overlay colors randomly.

SKU: 14603

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