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Lait réparateur Reupidant Intense - Fluid réparateur Relipidant Intense/Intense Restoring Lipid Enriched Fluid Description:

The cream is designed for dry and very dry. Very dry skin is a sign of degradation of the natural lipid barrier and lack of nutrition. The skin is tight and hard.


-Odbudowa and nourish very dry skin: the new Royal komleks Lipideum based on Royal Jelly has been developed for the reconstruction of the natural production of lipids and provide nutrients.

- visible regeneration of the skin: dryness, flaking and discomfort disappears immediately, the feeling of a new, pleasant to the touch of the skin. The skin is smooth, nourished, in regular touch.

The current exceptional formula protects the skin from external factors (change of a melting, windy weather). Confirmed the results: 98% of the immediate transformation of the skin, hydration 24h.

-Two main skin disorders: Internal disorders: Very dry skin is damaged lipid barrier, which does not provide adequate hydration of the skin. This also results in a reduction of ceramides. In the absence of moisture cell structure also changed. Physiological distortion: The dead cells become visible on the surface in the form of grooves.


complex on the basis of Royal Jelly. Lipid barrier repair: isolation, reorganization of the lipid slows down scaling of the skin, increases the production of ceramide 1, energy and nutrients.

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