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Lancome Genifique Repair Youth activator night cream for all skin types 50ml

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Genifique Youth Activator Activator youth

Lancome created the first skin care product that stimulates the activity of "genes of youth '.

The genes are the source of youth skin. An expression of their activity is the production of the respective protein surface of the epidermis, which are a sign of youth skin. However, with age, their presence gradually decreases. It is changing the face of Lancome skin care products with the first activator of youth - Genifique.
restores the activity of genes and stimulates the production of youth proteins.

Drop by drop skin is reborn. Vibrant youth skin looks as if it was illuminated from within - it becomes wonderfully radiant. Youthful appearance of the skin is restored: it is soft and velvety to the touch.

Drop by drop, skin is filled with life. Youthful smoothness and silkiness to the touch, perfectly uniform complexion and perfectly delicate surface.
skin attracts youth.

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