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Lancome Cleaning lotions Clarte Douceur 400 ml


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Lotion aux Plantes d'Hydratation Douces Sans Alcool/Hydrating Lotion With Gentle Plant Extracts Alcohol Free


- Alcohol moisturizing lotion with plant extracts


-Wyciąg with rose and elderberry



hard moisturizing lotion applied to the skin make-up removal twarzyuzupełnia maintaining absolute security and mildness of the skin and of the first gesture skin moisturizing cleanser

Use morning and/or evening after removing make-up.

The product is recommended for normal and combination skin with a tendency to dry.


Clean AND facial skin refreshed

-Złagodzone skin irritation

-Subtelna, full of freshness and comfort skin,/p & gt;


- Glycerol contained in the toner formulation immediately and permanently wets the surface of the skin.

- Plant extracts bring s soothing effect.


1. Delicate touch of the face from the center line towards the outside.

2. Completion of the center line of the face.

Skin Appearance:

Light illumination in the zone T

Hardly visible pores

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