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Lalique Perles de Lalique Eau de Parfum 100ml


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Perles de Lalique is magical and subtle love potion that moves men and women instinctively like. Smell chic, boldly low-cut, delicate and sensitive skin like a pearl necklace, feather boa and satin sheet. So sensual that evokes the dizzying black silk stockings and seductive burgundy lipstick. Announcing dating, promise a great evening. In the spirit of the best perfumeries, the essence of Bulgarian Rose, so rare and noble, is among other elegant notes, which complement each other and correspond to the same time. Each layer of the flower is a separate and thanks to its sweetness and freshness is maintained. Black pepper Bourbon confirms its audacity, elegance and crazy personality. The noble iris with absolute feminine touches powder delicious, velvety petals. Indonesian patchouli additionally gives more depth in their abundance and mystery returning to the memory of modern Cyprus. Perles de Lalique is a tribute to the substances of the highest quality, dispensed in outrageously abundant way. Perles de Lalique is an elixir for the body and spirit, conducted by Natalie Lorson.

Top notes of Bulgarian rose
Heart note: iris, Bourbon pepper
notes Base: patchouli, cashmere

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