La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Conc. Bright. Brightening Eye Treatment eye corrector cell 30 2 * 2.5g

Concealer by La Prairie

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Lightening eye concealer phone 30 2 * 2. 5g

Includes complexes: brightening and anti-aging, which refresh the skin by adding its light, cover up imperfections and reduce dark circles under the eyes. The product is available in three shades.

Note how many hours a day you wear makeup. Is primer should not be part of your care program?

La Prairie used its achievements and experience in skin care, creating an unmatched collection of sleepers care, which will make you discover a new perfection of his makeup.

each nutritional formula is enriched with exclusive Complex Communicator to improve the structure, tone and appearance of your skin. Each primer was paired with color corrector to cover up any imperfections and skin discolorations.

La Prairie Collection sleepers will give your skin an unusual color and ensure its exceptional care and protection.

Science serving beautiful

Laboratories La Prairie owe their origin and excellent reputation Clinic

La Prairie in Montreux located in Switzerland. For more than half a century of its existence the clinic has been a pioneer in the

field of cell therapy to combat the signs of aging, offering its unique achievements thousands of patients from around the world. In 1978, after years of research, scientists from the Clinic La Prairie created a completely innovative care system mobile (Cellular Skin Treatment System), which revolutionized cosmetology.

Since 1982, La Prairie laboratories operate independently of the Department. Every year they arise in advanced, highly effective care products, which corrects the existing imperfections of the skin, as well as prevent new, emerging with time. La Prairie products are characterized by extraordinary effectiveness, which gives women the ability to control the aging process of the skin.

scientific approach to beauty

relentless pursuit Laboratories La Prairie to perfect the look of skin care products has resulted in state-based cellular exclusive Complex Communicator. The unique ingredients found only in products of La Prairie, fight aging skin, while providing the necessary nutrients for health, vitality and a nice appearance of the skin.

La Prairie products help to conserve young and beautiful appearance of even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Each prevents premature aging and changes caused by pollution and stress of modern life.

La Prairie beauty brand that combines luxury and excellence of scientific achievements.

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