House Of Glam Scented candle 200g Sweet Cherry Liquer

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House Of Glam

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"sweet cherry Liquer" - scented candle wax beeswax and soybean.

(burning time 45h - 200g wax net)

"Sweet" AirAperitif ", which transform an ordinary evening in appetizing journey with Moncheri!
It is very sweet and cherry, in the background there is a delicate almond. The proposal for all those who prefer the "sweet otulacze" and cherry candy. Recommended! "

Modular scented candle is patented and the only such solution in the world in the category of scented candles. It allows you to select and order the individual composing burning odor while maintaining founded in mold design candle.

Innovation candle consists in the construction and configuration of the individual possibility of individual vertebrae fragrances. This solution gives you the opportunity to create unique wielozapachowej candle. You set number of levels depending on the amount held fragrances in one candle. After firing, one module reload it on the bottom of the structure thereby maintaining the constant shape of the candle and the aesthetics of the candle itself and the interior.


"Direct contact with the airways and sometimes also with the skin causes the evolution for candles, especially odoriferous It became inevitable. For the modern woman, next to the design, health has become a major trendsetter for products utilized in the interiors. "Responding to contemporary challenges for realizing the unique candle Research and Development Program wpófinansowany by the National Center for Research and Development in the framework of the Operational Program Development of Intelligent 2014-2020, creating a new category of" Candles burn for cosmetic purity. "

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