Eveline Hyaluron Expert Rebuilding 60+ Face Cream

Face Cream by Eveline

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Eveline Cosmetics Hyaluron Expert is a line of products created especially to help in fighting with wrinkles and other symptoms of skin ageing. It contains a combination of three kinds of hyaluronic acid, to provide immediate effects. Nourishing, firming and improving skin flexibility. Reduces visibility of mimic lines and wrinkles. Products from this line are dedicated to face care and no matter what age are you, you will find a formula perfect for your needs.  Guarantee of complete performance in battling the most characteristic signs of skin ageing. Eveline Cosmetics Hyaluron Expert 60+ is a deeply hydrating and skin lifting concentrated cream, dedicated to complete skincare after 60 years of age, helping to fight visible symptoms of skin ageing. Hyaluronic acid in three different concentrations helps to reduce the visible depth of mimic wrinkles, a strong moisture complex keeps the skin perfectly hydrated help prevent moisture loss, Aquareviporin improves skin density and elasticity. reduces wrinkles and intensively shapes and improves the face oval.

Size: 50ml

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