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Clavier Vshape Fishtail False Lashes

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Lashes with the characteristic V-shape owe their huge popularity to the celebrity Kim Kardashian, famous for her amazing range of eyelashes. These tufts' secret lies in their unusual shape, defined in Poland and around the world as swallows, V's, Kardashian or fishtail (fishtail). Each tuft is longest at its outer corner, and the length of its cilia gradually decreases towards the centre of the clump.

It is this construction that gives the tuft its characteristic V-shape. Thanks to this, we can build a fan with an extraordinary appearance that gives each stylization a character and a delicate "claw". The tufts will be perfect when used alone or as a complement to a fan-made of Classic or Du2o tufts. They are available in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14mm.

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