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Clavier Classic C-type False Lashes

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Completely new quality on the cosmetics market. They have been specially designed to meet the highest requirements of make-up artists.

First of all, the Clavier tufts are the correct thickness to match the lash's natural thickness. Thanks to this, the effect will not be exaggerated and unnatural, and you can charm with a dense fan. Someone said that false eyelashes couldn't look natural? If so, he definitely hasn't tested these tufts yet.

Secondly, a specially selected type of C-type lash curl gives the effect of phenomenal, curled eyelashes without the effect of artificiality. According to independent studies, the effect that we get when using tufts with a C-twist is the most desired by most clients and suits most types of beauty and eye structure.

Thirdly. The silky Clavier tufts are very pleasant to wear due to their lightness and delicacy. The clumps have been created with attention to the smallest detail at every stage of production to meet even the most demanding customers' expectations.

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Buy with Confidence! Roxie Cosmetics take every step to make sure, that all products we sell are 100% genuine. We work only with large suppliers and directly with manufacturers.

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