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Brand of the Month - Pupa Milano

Discover makeup from Pupa Milano. Great quality makeup and cosmetics products from top Italian brand.

Every woman – younger or older, likes to take care about herself. It is obvious, especially when we take into consideration the fact that nowadays, there are a lot of skincare products available everywhere. You can buy them online or in a traditional drug stores or even supermarkets. What’s more, there is a lot going on in social media and young women start to pay attention to their appearance sooner than decade ago. If you don’t know, how to take care of your young skin – here are some proven ways
  • 4 min read
Different woman, different perspective and different nails. There are a lot of women who love long nails. Fashion for long, pointed nails appeared decades ago, for a long time dominating the manicure salons. The most fashionable was exaggeration and nails, which even screamed  “this is inconvenient!”. To this day we can meet admirers of very long nails, however there are also plenty of women who choose short nails. Short nails, first of all, are much more practical. Their very painting is no different from painting long. So which one to decide for and how to treat them?
  • 4 min read
Wrinkles, loss of firmness, problems with color and pigmentation. It is best to prevent aging of skin than treating it. However, it is important to do it with the right formulas rich in active ingredients, you can turn back the clock. In this article you’ll find a lot of useful information on anti-aging face-creams and how to decide which one to buy. In addition, you’ll find out what are the features of mature skin and you will be able to decide what to apply on it.
  • 4 min read

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