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Start making better choices in makeup cosmetics by choosing Annabelle Minerals. Foundations made only from four ingredients, natural and vegan beauty. Browse the vegan makeup for more.

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When choosing cosmetics, the conscious consumer is guided by various criteria: composition, price-quality ratio, ease of dosing ... Increasingly, however, our attention is drawn to the origin of the ingredients: whether they are natural, ecological, non-synthetic, or produced in the idea of fair trade, and we are particularly reluctant to look at substances of animal origin. However, is a cosmetic without such ingredients always a vegan cosmetic?

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Vegan face scrub with almond and avocado oils.

Nacomi Face Scrub

Natural smoothing face scrub for dry and normal skin. The cosmetic gently cleanses and does not damage the skin and helps to get rid of toxins from the body faster. Perfectly oxygenated skin retains its shine, firmness and is more resistant to the damaging effects of external factors.

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Ecocera vegan makeup available in Roxie Cosmetics UK store! Browse full range of bronzers, powders, shimmers and vegan dry shampoos!

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