Your skin loses its elasticity and a little wrinkles start to appear?

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New Vegan & Blueberry C-tox collections from loved skincare brand

Bielenda in UK!

Bielenda skincare beauty is absolute leader in innovations! Find out the latest collections blueberry C-Tox, Vegan Muesli or creams with ginseng. All this in beautiful scents.

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Bielenda C-tox blueberry collection

Innovative facial masks landed in Roxie!

GlamGlow Face Masks

Find out more about innovative face masks from GlamGlow. Designed for every skin concerns you might have. Proven by millions. It works! Get yours now.

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Vegan & Natural Skincare Brand

Discover full range of Clochee Cosmetics

Clochee are great solution to for those who cares about skincare and our planet, as their products are 100% Eco. Their cosmetics do not contain: parabens, silicones, mineral oils, paraffin, petroleum jelly, synthetic dyes, synthetic flavors, ethoxylated substances, carbomers, propylene glycol. 

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Cult Biotherm cosmetics is available in Roxie! Discover full collection of Aquasource

Biotherm Beauty

Biotherm firming cream and anti-wrinkle cosmetics that use natural ingredients. Fantastic Total Recharge, Blue Therapy and Aquasource lines.

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Face scrub is a unique cosmetic, whose task is to exfoliate dead epidermis and remove all impurities on the surface of the skin. Perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin, preparing it for further care treatments. In addition, it improves microcirculation and stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes. However, it is also a procedure that, if improperly performed, can cause more harm than good.

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