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White, healthy teeth are a dream of many of us, and often it is really hard to achieve it. Drinking coffee or tea, smoking cigarettes and other factors effectively impede it. Moreover, finding truly effective whitening toothpaste may be a challenge. Most of them make a little difference, and that’s all. 

But luckily, at Roxie Cosmetics, you’ll find some of the best whitening toothpastes that will actually make your teeth visibly whiter, and – a bonus – stronger and healthier. These cosmetics are tested, safe and contain organic or eco-friendly ingredients like charcoal or coconut which are renowned for having whitening abilities. Sounds peculiar, but it works! Try it yourself and thank us later. Choose between natural, traditional toothpaste and powder whitener to achieve the whiteness of your teeth you’ve always dreamed of!

£9.19 £13.20 You save: 30%( £4.01 )
£4.69 £6.00 You save: 21%( £1.31 )
£5.99 £8.99 You save: 33%( £3.00 )

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