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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is an artist that doesn’t have to be introduced. He used to be an amazing, well known surrealistic painter. He created his own brand of perfumes too. Almost all of them were created and produced in 40s and 50s of XX century and they’ve been constantly spreading all over the world.

Salvador Dali perfumes are exclusive, elegant and unique. There are no others like the ones created by Salvador Dali. All of the bottles are small masterpieces and fragrances are the ones that you’ll never forget.

£14.59 £22.80 You save: 36%( £8.21 )
£20.39 £21.60 You save: 5%( £1.21 )
£20.89 £32.40 You save: 35%( £11.51 )
£19.79 £24.00 You save: 17%( £4.21 )

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