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Like many other famous fashion labels Prada has also been creating perfume since the nineties of the 20th century. Just like created by Mucci Prada outfits her special fragrance was first to highlight women’s personality. At the beginning the kinds of perfume were created of only one note like rose, iris or violet, however, later the label started to create combination of notes. One of women’s most liked Prada perfume in the UK as well as all over the world is Prada Candy accessible in Roxie Cosmetics an online shop at a really attractive price. Mucci did not forget about men, either. Her Prada Luna Rossa in a whole series for men, also available in Roxie Cosmetics, combining lavender with bitter orange and a slight note of mint, evoking adventurous nature is adored by active, full of energy men. The fragrance was inspired by sailing and a spirit of sports competition. The best way to know the scent better is simply to buy it.

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