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Pierre Rene

More than 20 years of experience closed in every cosmetic of Pierre Rene. All of the products available in an extremely wide range of Pierre Rene are made only of the highest quality ingredients. Choosing professional makeup products, you can be sure that your make-up will not only be durable, but also safe for your skin. There are all of the cosmetics that you need to create a perfect makeup.

Pierre Rene offers you cosmetics for face make-up (bases, equalizers, primers, powders and blushes), eyes (inks, pens, crayons and shadows), lips (lipsticks, lip gloss and contours) and nails (nail polishes and conditioners), as well as essential cosmetic accessories. With Pierre René face, eye, mouth and nail cosmetics, you can create the perfect nude make-up, professional make-up business or glamorous and eye-catching look for an evening out.

£8.19 £10.80 You save: 24%( £2.61 )
£6.29 £8.40 You save: 25%( £2.11 )
£9.29 £13.20 You save: 29%( £3.91 )
£6.49 £9.60 You save: 32%( £3.11 )
£6.29 £8.40 You save: 25%( £2.11 )

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