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Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is the first make-up brand created by an allergist! That is why it can be fully recommended to everyone, even with a skin problems.

Dr. Crandall developed the first hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested makeup products dedicated to people with extremely sensitive facial skin and eye areas. Physicians Formula is a brand for women who want their favourite cosmetics to be safe and not cause allergies.

Physicians Formula products do not contain any of the more than 150 ingredients that are commonly used in color cosmetics and which are responsible for causing allergies. What sets the brand apart from others are the pharmaceutical formulas used in make-up products packaged in attractive, attention-grabbing packaging. The brand offers customers product lines tailored to their needs. In an extremely rich range you can find fantastic shadow palettes, bronzers, roses, lipsticks, primers, powders as well as care products.

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