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Paco Rabanne

If features such as rebellious and self-assured concern your character, you will definitely love cult Paco Rabanne perfume especially Lady Million and Invictus respectively for women and men. These are only two examples of the scents by the creator, however, he designed a lot of them both for men and women. They are modern, expressive and sensual, what is more, every fragrance by Paco Rabanne is different.

Their character can be implied by perfume bottles which are elaborated and enveloped with royal gold or cool silver. In the UK Paco Rabanne products can be bought at Roxie Cosmetics at a very attractive price. There are many more scents on the shop’s offer than the above mentioned kinds. They can be an excellent choice for a present particularly because in the shop there are also Ultraviolet with an oriental for women and One Million liked by men except for above mentioned. There are also toilette sprays, deodorants, shower gels and even shampoos in the same lines.

£23.79 £36.00 You save: 33%( £12.21 )
£73.39 £96.00 You save: 23%( £22.61 )
£22.39 £33.00 You save: 32%( £10.61 )
£67.89 £93.60 You save: 27%( £25.71 )
£24.49 £33.00 You save: 25%( £8.51 )
from £31.09 £65.00 You save: 20%( £13.31 )
£22.89 £35.00 You save: 34%( £12.11 )
£45.69 £57.00 You save: 19%( £11.31 )

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