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Long 4 Lashes

Long 4 Lashes is a Polish brand that produces high-quality care cosmetics. To create them, we use modern technologies, the highest production management standards and rigorous testing processes that are controlled by experienced specialists.

The cosmetics of this brand have been extremely popular since 1982 in Poland, and for several years also around the world. The reason for such a state of affairs is certainly the extraordinary effectiveness of Long 4 Lashes preparations, which has been confirmed by specialist application research. The main product is a special eyelash and eyebrow serum based on modern formulas, which accelerates their growth, as well as strengthens and improves their appearance. Other products that are worth paying attention to are preparations for permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips. One of them is Lip Tatto Elegant Raspberry cosmetic for permanent lip makeup. Its gel composition and the pioneering LongStayColour formula contained in it allow you to obtain expressive and emphasized lip color. It is no different in the case of Espresso and Chocolate permanent eyebrow makeup products. The active ingredients contained in them, as well as biotin and argan oil, nourish and give eyebrows a beautiful and natural look.

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