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The Polish brand LaQ created by a woman for women and their families is characterized primarily by care in the selection of the highest quality natural ingredients. LaQ cosmetics are produced with love for nature, therefore their components come fully from natural sources.

They are mainly nutritious Shea and cocoa butters, high-quality moisturizing vegetable glycerin, greasing oils, e.g. from sweet almonds, extracts from flax seeds or oatmeal, coal and rice milk. All this means that LaQ cosmetics not only smell beautifully with nature, but also gently care for even the most demanding skin. The LaQ company relies mainly on cleansing cosmetics that at the same time care for and protect the skin's lipid layer. These include the highest quality hand-made soaps with a minimum of 20 percent plant glycerin, fragrant liquid soaps with plant extracts, as well as those dedicated to men, universal cosmetics for washing the face, body, hands and shaving in a completely male version. Deliciously scented LaQ cleansing scrubs, consisting mainly of sugar, Shea butter, coffee, ginger and exotic fruit, make exfoliation extremely pleasant. Cleansing mousses and LaQ gels are as delicate as foam, but they thoroughly remove impurities, leaving a protective layer on the skin. All LaQ cosmetics do not contain parabens, silicones, SLS and SLES, which makes them completely safe and effective at the same time.

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