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What can Lancôme boast about? The first lip glosses in the tube are the brand's work. Facial concentrate - youth activator was created in Lancôme laboratories and was hailed as the cosmetic of the future. Lancôme perfumes are among the best fragrance compositions.

If we add to this the fact that 2 Lancôme mascaras are sold every second, we have the image of the perfect brand. Lancôme perfumes enjoy a good reputation and, due to their luxurious nature, are often a gift idea. The first fragrance was created in 1935 and its premiere took place during the World Exhibition in Brussels. Instead of one composition, the creators presented a set of 5 fragrances, one of which was Armand Petitjean's favorite composition. During the 80 years of the company's operation, the world has seen many fragrances for women and men. Some of them are treated as bestsellers - it is enough to recall the success of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle women's perfumes, which not only the basic version, but also subsequent editions met with great interest. The oriental-floral perfume for women - Lancôme Tresor also has an extensive collection. One of the newer women's perfume offers is the floral composition of Lancôme Miracle.

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