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Luxury connoisseurs know the Lalique brand very well. They associate it with the brilliance of colored jewelry and the clarity of crystals. The name Lalique was created from the name of the founder of the brand - the genius artist René-Jules Lalique.

To get to know the brand better, it is worth getting acquainted with its profile - it is easier to understand the unique nature of Lalique jewelery, accessories and perfumes. René-Jules Lalique was born in the mid-19th century in A we-en-Champagne, France, and soon moved to Paris with his parents. However, he was strongly associated with the place of his birth, where he often returned and where he drew his inspiration. René Lalique was a jeweler - he learned his craft at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 1887 he founded his first company - he made his debut with a design of a necklace inspired by Japanese and ancient art. Years after René Lalique's death, with his daughter Marie Claude at the head of the company, the brand began producing its own perfumes. The first fragrance, Lalique de Lalique, was created in 1992 and today it can be proud of its cult status. All the designs of the French brand share great attention to detail - both the bottles and the compositions are small works of art. Lalique perfumes are often inspired by the beauty of jewelery stones - the brand's collection includes Amethyst and Fleur de Cristal fragrances. Lalique bottles will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful decorations on your dressing table. Check out Lalique perfumes in our offer!

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