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Lab Series

Lab Series is the first brand on the market focusing on men's skin care. Since its inception in 1987, it has helped men look their best. The brand's activity is based on the belief that men need products specially designed for their skin, which is different from women's skin.

Lab Series offers Men products based on modern technology, based on research and many years of experience in approaching the needs of men's skin. Lab Series is constantly developing its products and creating new ones, thanks to which it strengthens its position on the market of effective, high-quality cosmetics for men. From anti-aging products to shaving products and ending with sun protection products, Lab Series always uses the best ingredients and offers products for an active lifestyle. The brand uses the patented "PRO LS" technology. PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE FACE TREATMENT is a 4 in 1 care: soothing after shaving, moisturizing pulled skin, minimizing wrinkles and dulling. In addition, the product is very quickly absorbed and has a light texture.

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