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Khadi cosmetics are delivered to European markets by the Khadi Naturprodukte company. As part of it, Ayurvedic specialists develop recipes in line with the guidelines of this science of good and healthy life.

The richness of natural Indian herbs and oils known for their beneficial effects on beauty determines the effectiveness of these products. The highest quality of herbal ingredients used and the environmentally friendly production method are guaranteed by the BDIH certificate of naturalness - it is possessed by the key Khadi cosmetics, and the company's goal is to certify all products. Khadi is famous for its completely natural hair dyes. The herbs they contain come from the best parts of the harvest, they are dried and very finely ground. For this reason, Khadi belongs to the best category of paints - Body Art Quality. BAQ dyes are perfect for coloring hair, because thanks to a very fine sieve they color the hair better, are easy to apply and rinse quickly after the dyeing process. Women all over the world have come to love the rich palette of natural-looking colors: red, ginger, brown and black in various shades. They appreciated the simplicity of application and the effectiveness in covering gray hair. Khadi dyes not only give your hair a beautiful, natural color, but also nourish it extremely. Henna, indigo, amla, bhringaraj, neem and other plants make the hair optically voluminous, strengthened and very shiny after coloring. This effect can be seen in Oriental women who have been using Khadi paints for years.

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