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Kevin Murphy

To understand the philosophy of the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, you need to know and understand the career of its creator. The stylist in the salon spends an hour with the client, then the client leaves the salon.

A session stylist can work with a model for 10-12 hours, and his career depends on whether he is able to create a hairstyle worth a Vogue cover every time. Dissatisfied with the effects of working with the cosmetics he was receiving (the hair became heavy and sagging during the session), Kevin realized that he needed light products that do not weigh down the hair, and at the same time are effective, strong and durable. How was he going to do that? Using technology from skin care products to achieve the perfect look of your hair without weighing it down. And this is how the KEVIN.MURPHY brand was born. Born from the same philosophy as skin care products, KEVIN.MURPHY products are specially designed to not weigh your hair down while remaining effective, strong and durable. Product technologies are based only on natural ingredients derived from ecological and environmentally safe crops. All this to ensure that our products are of the highest, natural quality.

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