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Jovan perfumes are cult. Their long history, iconic products and several outstanding supporters entitle them to do so. The brand was established in 1972. From the very beginning, the brand created its products at affordable prices, intended for original, free and energetic people.

The Jovan brand provokes, inspires and carries the message that you can live the way you want. It was born in the hippie era, reflecting the philosophy of freedom. She has a tendency to go beyond ordinary limits, she does not hide sexuality and physical attraction, she is hypnotizing, and she looks at the world with a distance. Similar features characterize its fans. Did you know that Jovan Musk became the official tour sponsor of the Rolling Stones in 1981? For the first time in history, the perfume brand joined forces with the team, supporting its artistic endeavors. In this way, she started the popular tradition of cooperation between cosmetic brands and the world of show business. The Jovan Fresh Musk perfumes brought the greatest popularity to the brand. If you are looking for simple, pure fragrances with a clear philosophy, choose Jovan perfumes. Every day they will give you a sense of uniqueness, freshness, self-confidence and joy in life.

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