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An expressive mix full of femininity with many faces, which successfully combines various roles. She enjoys taking care of her beauty, she likes free play with colors inspired by the big city style. JOKO make-up cosmetics is the perfect partner for a day full of challenges. That is why I am looking for safe and effective products of the highest quality.

JOKO MAKE-UP - reflects global trends, the most fashionable color palettes with original textures, consistencies and masses enclosed in simple and at the same time distinctive packages. The brand cooperates with professionals from Italy and France, its unique collections are created using the latest active ingredients and a unique Swiss micronization technology. The first products under the JOKO brand appeared on the Polish market in 1995. At the beginning, the offer included mainly pressed cosmetics - shadows, powders, blushes, and over time it was extended to lipsticks, lip glosses and mascaras. The brand consistently builds its position, gaining recognition and a strong position on the domestic and foreign markets.

£3.69 £6.00 You save: 38%( £2.31 )
£5.89 £10.80 You save: 45%( £4.91 )
£6.29 £10.80 You save: 41%( £4.51 )
£6.09 £9.60 You save: 36%( £3.51 )
£7.39 £10.80 You save: 31%( £3.41 )
£7.39 £10.80 You save: 31%( £3.41 )

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