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Jelly Belly

The American company Jelly Belly Candy Company based in Fairfield, California produces so-called jelly beans under the Jelly Belly brand. These are small sweets in the form of beans. Currently over 60 flavors are available.

And although it is unclear whether the idea for Beans of All Flavors known from the Harry Potter books is based on Jelly Belly jelly beans, Jelly Belly for some time offered its own collection of Berti Bott beans in a dozen different flavors, among which you could find a grass flavor, black pepper, popel, dirt (soil), earthworm, ear wax, sausages, rotten egg, soap, vomiting. Going a step further, she also created a line of bathing comics for children who rely on these magic beans. Jelly-shaped soaps and shower gels in amazing sweet scents - something that every little wizard dreams of!

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